My way to make money with Nina le Grand

Foto As bills don’t pay themselves an income is required, some obtain it by working for a wage, others by starting up their own business and some are so talented that they can make an income out of their hobby. In the Weekly column ‘My way to make money’ we interview a student or a university employee about their job or business and ask them questions about how they experience their work.

For this week we interviewed 23-year-old student Nina le Grand, who is in the last year of her European Law School bachelor and currently working as manager of Mix & Mingle, which is a recurring event organised by Maastricht University. Next to her studies and her job, Nina loves to dance jazz, ballet and modern. More of her favourite activities include travelling, sports and catching up with friends. Read more

INKOM: Interview with the President of the Work Group

On the 18th of August new students will be welcomed in Maastricht with the annual INKOM. For those attending INKOM 2014, continue the tradition of living INKOM to its fullest!  We interviewed the president of the INKOM organisation Elsemieke Hoet, a 22-year-old student at the law faculty. We were curious about the plans that Elsemieke and her colleagues have for this year’s edition.


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Muziekgieterij: Strictly Vinyl

I think it was the second time since I’ve started my study in Maastricht; going out on a Saturday night. Last time I ended up in LBB (Landbouw Belang; shame on you if you’ve never been there), at a ‘Noise’ party. No further comments on that.

Despite my preference for the LBB and its unique parties with its high rate of drugs and/or alcohol usage, it was time for something different. The Platielstraat with its cafés (ClinQue, 2Heeren etc.) has a lot to offer but, unfortunately, it closes at 2 AM. The Feesfebrik and FM are opened till 5 or 6 AM, but it doesn’t offer a place for the more alternatives among us.

So, where to go?

A friend of mine invited my to a electroparty in the new Muziekgieterij: Strictly Vinyl & Eva. Since Solar 2011, I’m not really into electro any more. On the other hand; I only had good experiences with the Muziekgieterij and I hadn’t checked out the new location. Furthermore, if it sucked, we could always go back to his place and release him from his beer stock.

But we didn’t.

It turned out that the Muziekgieterij was the perfect location for parties like these. It made me like electro again. The new location is perfect and I agree with Sophie (The Maastricht’s students aren’t ready for the new Muziekgieterij), it is a contribution to the city as a culture capital. It is a big space but it has a lot of potential. Candles where used to create some kind of ‘special’ atmosphere. Suddenly you were forgotten that the Muziekgieterij actually is situated in Maastricht. The place could be easily somewhere else, like London or Berlin. It has created that perfect alternative for the LBB or Market. The old rock&roll style has not disappeared; I got the feeling the Muziekgieterij is more down-to-earth than other night life scenes in Maastricht. It changed, but it is still the Muziekgieterij.

Sophie expressed her disappointment of the Maastricht’s students. They weren’t ready yet. Maybe she is right or maybe it was the party. All in all, looking around, most people studied at FaSoS or UCM and only 3 of them wore those pointless beanies.
I’ve spoken to Belgium and German people, but no “hardcore-Maastrichtenaren” or other studies (FHM, Law etc.). Of course it was a Saturday, where the local youth might prefer the Feesfebrik and most students return home with their laundry. But I have to agree with Sophie; it is a pity that the Muziekgieterij has such a great new spot and not the amount of visitors to fill up the space. On the other hand, the Muziekgieterij could use this ‘underdog’ image to remain their alternative name. 

I haven’t been to a bigger concert in the Muziekgieterij yet, but looking around, it would be perfect for it. The long train journeys to Amsterdam and Utrecht would be history and I can just sway back home, on my bike.

Discussing this issue with a friend of mine, we both agreed on the lack of these kind of places. Now we got two, but both with their very own character. A third, smaller one would not be a bad idea.

Until then, I will be a frequent visitor of the Muziekgieterij and you should be too.

Why my semester abroad in San Diego sucked

So a couple of weeks ago I came back from my semester abroad. Never in my life have I been this happy about returning to Europe, and I didn’t think I would ever qualify as a person that wanted to leave their exchange destination. Especially when said destination is San Diego, CA. Read more

End of Movember

You might have seen a new trend the past month. Guys growing a beaver on their face and make it look like the 70ies made a huge comeback. For those of you who have been living under a rock, let me enlighten you why moustaches are awesome again. It’s Movember. Read more

The Alla

There are many inevitable things that we have to go through in life from the moment we are born: learning how to eat using a fork, learning to use the toilet, saying ‘thank you’, etc. This sequence of proper societal integration continues until we are adults. We always have to adapt to our environment and to the people around us.

If you are a Maastricht University student, there are also many things that you have to learn the moment you arrive, and especially if you are not Dutch, there will be a lot of things around you that seem to be new, and that you have to familiarise with in order to survive living as a student. Amongst those things we have to learn: how to lock our bikes properly in order to protect them for thieves, how to use MyUM and EleUM without having a nervous breakdown, how to find a free spot at the UB, how to use your Albert Heijn bonus card and understand the word ‘bonnetje’, how to recognise a good Snackbar (I still call it Frietkot, Flemish all the way), how to get used to the smell of weed everywhere, how to use “Alstublieft and Dank u Wel” at the right time, how to stop believing in weather forecasts, how to get used to the fact that German is basically one of the official languages, and so on.

But there is one thing that you have to inevitably get used to as a Maastricht Student, and that every single student has to go through while being here, and that is: The Alla.

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Dutch Student Associations and INKOM

INKOM vs. ‘Fresher’s Week’

A lot has happened since INKOM. I have heard a lot of feedback about INKOM – which is generally an amazing party to start off student life here in Maastricht.

However, INKOM has been mistaken by many as being an equivalent to ‘FreshersWeek’ in the UK (the first week of universities with introduction activities, but best known for the parties). INKOM began as a way for one of the biggest Student Associations in Maastricht to gain members. This was later adopted by the university but still has the overtone of ‘student association’.

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After the madness of INKOM, (which I will blog about later) my faculty has their own 3 ‘Introduction Days’. This is where the students get to know each-other, begin to understand PBL,  and begin to understand where everything is in the building. At the end of these three days is a MASSIVE party.

And for now I have a very important message for all party-goers, new students, older students, inbetween students, UCM and non-UCM students:




Below is the link to the Facebook event and everyone is welcome. Bring friends if you like!


Hope to see you there!