Interview with an INKOM board member: Ella de Vries

You may know the INKOM, either because you participated, or because you’ve helped during this student introduction week of Maastricht.
The INKOM board is already busy with next year’s edition, and guess what, the new theme has been presented.. Curious about what you do in the INKOM board and what the theme for INKOM 2015 is? Read on!

Personal info
Name: Ella de Vries
Age: 23
Study: Medicine, 6th year
Position (Inkom): secretary

Why did you want to help organising the INKOM?

Two years ago I wanted to do something between my bachelor and master studies. Since I started studying when I was 17 years old and I would start with specified ward walking soon, this was the perfect opportunity to do something extracurricular. I looked at the possibilities of such a gap year. At that time I knew two people from the INKOM and seeing as I’m in the independent sorority Ex Aequo, I already knew a bit about this introduction week. I wanted to go in the board of the INKOM. At that point I was still too inexperienced to apply, so I waited a year while being crew-member last year.
As for what I’d like to learn during this year. I want to experience the different aspects of such a board year, learn how to set priorities and become more apt at managing stress.

When do the preparations for the INKOM start?

After the INKOM the board does an evaluation of how it went. Within this month after the INKOM the new board gets appointed and prepares for their year. The old board and Astrid Boeijen, head of the Student Service Center pick a new board. Of course a board has to be able to end their INKOM and be able to see how things went so a new board can take the points that need to be improved and integrate it in their program.

During the interview in the Student Service Center

During the interview in the Student Service Center

How many people does the INKOM team consist of?

5 board members of the INKOM, depicted in the following order (left to right): Daphne Peters (president), Charlotte Klüter (vice-president), me (secretary), Marenne Hoogenboom (treasurer) and Werner Rijkers (Logistical manager).


The INKOM board

Where does this year’s theme come from?

The theme of the INKOM this year is ‘Time to Shine’. We came up with the theme during our first week as board, and had to keep it secret for a long time! The idea is that everyone that takes part in the INKOM, as participant, crew-member, student, commercial partners. For all of these people, it’s the time to shine!

To get a better impression on the exact meaning, check the video below.

What did you change for this year’s INKOM?

We took last year’s program and built further on that. In 2013 there was a big change in the set-up of the INKOM, where an extra day was added for instance. Seeing as we have a successful concept that works, we’re using the knowledge of the past few years. What also really helps, is that we ask our contacts and the parties involved to evaluate the cooperation and we use that in our plan on what to improve and what stays good.

What advice did the people organising the INKOM over the past years give you?

To enjoy it! The best advice that I’ve gotten is to make your own INKOM and to enjoy every minute of it. It’s also very important to organize your activities in such a way that if, God forbid, I’m sick during the INKOM, the Central Post can still organize my event, just based on my instructions and preparations.

Student Service Center

Student Service Center

What surprised you in your job?

I used to think it would be easier to organize something. But once you’re in the same position, the task seems more elaborate, also because you’re dependent on other people. As we’re working a whole year for an event of a week, it takes quite a lot of things before you can call the INKOM a done deal! People don’t realize that.

People don’t expect us….

To be busy for a whole year, but you really need it!

What is your personal highlight of the INKOM?

It sounds silly, but the registrations are crucial. All the participants are there. This year we’re improving some logistical points of the registration day. This way there’s a smaller gap between registering and the first activity.

When will you consider the INKOM a success?

That’s a tough question, I think when everyone has a fantastic INKOM. I think that organizing such an event with 5 people is tough. If that works for us without any major hiccups, it will be a success!

Why should prospective students in Maastricht definitely not miss the INKOM?

INKOM is THE week of the year for students new to Maastricht. You get the opportunity to participate in activities, party, do sports, comedy and BBQ, among other things. As you’re getting to know new people, these will become your new friends. It will be the best week of your academic year!

During the interview

During the interview

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Want to know more about the INKOM and how YOU can help? Check out the poster below and apply for one of the positions!

Want to help during INKOM? Apply now!

Want to help during INKOM? Apply now!

Interview and text by Ashika Baan, photos by Brian Megens

INKOM: day 3, Sports event and Picnic

Today marked the day that the sports event and the picnic took place. We went to the Griend in the early afternoon to see what kind of sports activities were taking place. Below you can see a few impressions of the day.


The scene at the Griend. © Brian Megens



The terrain. © Brian Megens


A game of volleyball, anyone? © Brian Megens

Some more volleyball. © Brian Megens

Some more volleyball. © Brian Megens



Climbing that wall. © Brian Megens


From the Wilhelminabrug. © Brian Megens

In the evening we enjoyed seeing all the groups sitting and having dinner with their mommies and daddies. We hoped you guys had fun. Save some energy for the party on Friday! 😉


The picnic at the old wall. © Brian Megens


New students enjoying dinner with their group. © Brian Megens


People getting food at the stand. © Brian Megens


The scene. © Brian Megens

We hope you enjoyed it, see you on Friday!

Blogpost by Ashika Baan, Photography by Brian Megens

INKOM: day 2, Day at the Faculty

Today, we visited the “Day at the Faculty” of the INKOM. After a successful opening day of the introduction week on Monday (to read more about it, click here), this was a more serious day where all the faculty associations of different faculties could present themselves to the new students.

Inside the SBE. © Brian Megens

Inside the SBE. © Brian Megens

The atmosphere at the School of Business and Economics on the Tongersestraat was relaxed, as students were walking around the information market. As there is a difference between student associations and study associations, it’s perhaps a good idea to quickly explain.


A student association is one where students can join to participate in fun activities outside of university. Examples of these associations are: MSV Tragos, Circumflex, SV Koko and Saurus. There are also a lot of independent sororities and fraternities.
A study association is usually closely connected to the faculty that it belongs to. For instance, the law faculty has JFV Ouranos, School of Business and Economics has SCOPE and so on. To see more what kind of associations are situated in Maastricht, click here.

© Brian Megens

© Brian Megens

As students were enjoying a nice lunch throughout the building, the excitement for Tuesday night’s MECC-party was very much there, so to everyone who’s there, HAVE FUN!


The team responsible for handing out the lunch. © Brian Megens


The lunch package. © Brian Megens


Students enjoying their Lunch. © Brian Megens

See you tomorrow at the Picnic!

Blogpost by Ashika Baan, Photography by Brian Megens.


INKOM: day 1, Registration and Opening

The first day of an introduction week like the INKOM, marks a special moment for all the new students of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool. It’s with a lot of good memories of past years that we, Ashika and Brian, stood at the registration point of this wonderful week this morning. The big-eyed, tiny bit intimidated first-year students looked at us as we were snapping pictures for the blog and for Facebook.

Signs are clear.. This is where the magic happens ;)

Signs are clear.. This is where the magic happens. © Brian Megens

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INKOM: Interview with the President of the Work Group

On the 18th of August new students will be welcomed in Maastricht with the annual INKOM. For those attending INKOM 2014, continue the tradition of living INKOM to its fullest!  We interviewed the president of the INKOM organisation Elsemieke Hoet, a 22-year-old student at the law faculty. We were curious about the plans that Elsemieke and her colleagues have for this year’s edition.


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INKOM Bunker – heroes and more inside information!

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