Exam time

Another day at the library. I’m becoming a piece of furniture between the four high walls of the building at the Grote Looiersstraat. I’m here to prepare for my upcoming exam. The only physical exercise consists of walking up and down the stairs to print, drink coffee, get something to eat or to read. Read more

Hidden study places

As exams are starting all over again, the library and university buildings become more crowded then ever. Finding a quiet study spot is not possible unless you will participate with the early morning German runs. Luckily there are some secret spots in Maastricht where you can find the peace and quiet you need. Read more

Exams: A Freshmen Perspective

If the fact that we are in the thick of exam week is news to you, then you are in some very deep shit.

For me and my fellow first years, this is unknown territory – you’ve all been here before. Questions of Facebook range from exam logistics to appropriate attire, recommendations for exam hall snacks and guesses at the number of decibels the noise in the hall is likely to be at. People are really stressing out, and we haven’t even got a GPA to worry about yet. My way of dealing with it? I’m imagining what it will be like when it’s over. Read more

The Essence of UCM

Now that I have survived an entire period of studying at the University College, plus a full “reflection” week, I think I am finally qualified to blog about the University College, and what exactly, I love about it.

What is unique about UCM to most European student is the fact that it is a Liberal Arts college.  At UCM we choose one of three concentrations: social sciences, humanities, or sciences (or in some cases two of the three concentrations) and then build our major from courses within our chosen concentration, plus a few outside of the concentration.  Most people build a more specific focus within their concentration such as psychology or international relations.  As an American, the concept of Liberal Arts has never been foreign to me as many American colleges offer majors in Liberal Arts.  It’s impossible for me to compare UCM’s Liberal Arts program to American Liberal Arts programs, as I’ve never attended college in the U.S., but there is something about UCM that makes me sure no school- American or not- could be the same. Read more

Best Websites for Procrastination

#1.  Facebook I know, I know.  But it is what it is, right?

#2. PostSecret The sad, the beautiful, the disturbed, comcom
hopeful… they all have secrets.  And we can read them!

#3. Stumble Upon Just create an account.  You know you want to.

#4. YouTube  Duh.  Who HASN’T spent a good amount of time browsing youtube.  But have you seen this one yet?

\”Sophia Grace meets Nicki Minaj\”

Only in America…

#5.  Food Gawker For when you have no food and no money to buy any food, and want to torture yourself.

#6.  The Huffington Post Because then we can pretend that we have an intellectual reason for not studying.

#7.  RyanAir Oh the places we’ll go..

#8. Who else is so NOT spending the summer waitressing?

#9. FML If you get to page 100, you have a problem.  But then, so do most of the people posting on this website.

#10.  Occupy Wall St. One of few events in the U.S. that I regret not being there for.

#11. BodyRock Yes, it looks trashy.  But the workouts are hard… for those days when you just can’t make yourself leave the house.

#12.  The Big Picture When you’re too tired to read the news.


Okay, that’s enough.  I don’t want to be responsible for anyone failing their exams.

Good luck everyone!