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Full bottles, empty brains

This is it. It was only a matter of time. I am prepared for the fact that nobody will agree with me, that the majority of my (overwhelmingly large) readership will find me arrogant, conservative, judgmental, and a lot of other not-so-nice things. I know that this will happen because I am dealing with it […]

Abandon Spotted, fall in love

Okay funny story. I met my boyfriend of now almost three years here in Maastricht. At the library. I walked towards him. Our eyes met. Instant attraction. The tension was almost unbearable. Fireworks, butterflies, the whole shebang. I walked past him. I went to get my books. Then to the copy machines. Made my way […]

Maastricht’s students are not ready for the new Muziekgieterij

It seemed like after the Muziekgieterij was shut down last year despite the voice of politely protesting students, many of us had eagerly anticipated the re-opening of Maastricht’s unique alternative club at the new location at Boschstraat. The Bruis Festival promised two days of cultural entertainment for young people like us, with an international lineup […]

Hello friends. Or not friends.

(We shall see.) The name is Sophie. People in Maastricht are always so preoccupied with explaining where they come from. And granted it’s complicated. So just for the sake of satisfaction I’m going to throw in a few city names as to give you a gist because honestly, does it even matter… Places I call […]