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Being a UCM student, I am spoiled when it comes to vacation.  Just a week and a half ago, we got done with our last “reflection week,” so I probably can’t make any claims that I needed another vacation.  Still, it is not often that someone from my small hometown (2,653 people remember) makes it […]

Living With Your Landlady: A Con List

A (as objective as possible) Con List of Living With Your Landlady: It may be that she blasts classical music through the house between the hours of 7.30 and 23.00 If classical music isn’t playing, the landlady may enjoy singing “la, la, la” at the top of her lungs while shuffling around the house There […]

Jet Lagged and Back in Europe

Originally, I had my doubts about going all the way back to my small home town in Wisconsin for only a couple weeks over Christmas.  I kept thinking of how many places I could visit in Europe for the same cost of a ticket to the States, and my grandparents’ home in seemingly-close-by Stockholm was […]

The Hippies of Maastricht

Being the over-enthusiastic, easily influenced person that I am, it didn’t take much more than a week of my Sustainable Development course for me to be convinced that I should become a vegan. I’ll spare you all of the persuasive facts about tons of water needed per kilogram of beef, and the amount of grain […]

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

As my friend so kindly reminded me on Facebook the other day: “Happy Thanksgiving.  Don’t forget that you’re American!”  Well, I definitely haven’t forgotten that I’m American, but in truly un-American fashion, I have to admit that missing Thanksgiving doesn’t concern me all too much.  Sure, turkey is nice, and so is family, and being […]

The Essence of UCM

Now that I have survived an entire period of studying at the University College, plus a full “reflection” week, I think I am finally qualified to blog about the University College, and what exactly, I love about it. What is unique about UCM to most European student is the fact that it is a Liberal […]

Best Websites for Procrastination

#1.  Facebook I know, I know.  But it is what it is, right? #2. PostSecret The sad, the beautiful, the disturbed, comcom hopeful… they all have secrets.  And we can read them! #3. Stumble Upon Just create an account.  You know you want to. #4. YouTube  Duh.  Who HASN’T spent a good amount of time browsing youtube.  But have you […]

Reality Check

To write this post about the stressful week I had last week, I have to jog my memory. Now, sitting in the public library with two friends from UCM, surrounded by people over the age of sixty, eating chocolate as I study (or blog), and breathing in the smell of books, it already seems like […]

Reviving Wednesday

Wednesday is sort of a gloomy day.  We are in the middle of the week but still have two days (or three, since it’s morning) left to go before the weekend.  And after studying hard for the past two days, we have to keep studying hard for another three days (and probably over the weekend […]

First Impressions

Having lived in Maastricht for almost a month now, there are several topics I could blog about in my first Maastricht Students post.  I could blog about when I came to Maastricht one week before the INKOM to look for a room, got incredibly stressed out, and couldn’t for the life of me remember why […]