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Up, up and away

I’m writing this from Vienna Airport. (Bless you, free WiFi, for not letting me die of boredom on long connections.) I’ve just come off my 50th flight ever and, since I’m ridiculously attracted to significant numbers, I’ve been reviewing my flying history. It was magical at first and I was terrible at it. The very […]

Serious games

Are you guys on Foursquare? ‘Cause these two books think you should be. Gamification is the new buzzword of choice in the business world, with companies rushing to add points and badges to their websites and arguing that future commerce will be one big integrated game. But will it? Well, if you ask Kevin Werbach […]

A guide to the economic crisis

Much to my shame, I’ve found my economic training to be close to useless when trying to understand what’s going on with the economy. It’s like all those micro- and macro- and finance classes went in one ear and out both of them; news reports made no sense and neither did the buzzwords thrown around […]

A story about ponies

The Dutch seem to enjoy making something out of nothing. Their lack of mountains and unreliable snowfall, for example, doesn’t prevent them from creating an indoor slope. But then again, we are speaking of a country that’s half stolen from the sea. Half of its windmill-laden rolling fields were ocean floor some time ago. Let […]

The silver lining

(No, not the movie which, irreverent truth be told, didn’t captivate me half as much as it did Academy Awards decision makers.) The last few weeks took me on an emotional roller-coaster. Between being rejected for jobs, stressing over school-work and the worryingly slow progress of my thesis, missing friends and hating the moody weather, […]

A German fairytale

While y’all were Carnival-ing it away, yours truly was castle-spotting in South Germany over the weekend. It was freezing, tiring and straight-out lovely. I left from Brussels on an easyJet flight. The people from the Brussels National Airport have an ambivalent attitude towards low-cost airlines. On the one hand, they accept some companies (easyJet, FlyBe […]

Private life in the public eye

You probably already know that Urban Dictionary has three entries for our little (adoptive) city. The first one just describes Maastricht as “the best Dutch city in the world”, but it’s the other two that spark drunken discussion. There’s the “Maastricht effect”, whereby the lack of attractive boys makes female residents fuss and bother with […]