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Good Idea

 “I’ll tell you what you did wrong”, hissed the woman, “you screamed in front of the children! That is just bad! You behaved like a child!” The man, obviously not impressed by the speech his wife just gave him, nodded. This train journey from Amsterdam – Maastricht, was going to be a long one. “Hmm […]


“Guess what’s in my drinking cup!” A 4 year old girl stand in front of me. Emma looks at me with her big blue eyes, filled with expectation, like I’m going to preform some kind of magic trick. In fact, the only thing I do is naming all the drinks I can imagine. It’s a […]

Breakup letter

Dear Winter, With this letter, I am going to be really honest with you. After (almost) 5 months, I have to say, I don’t think our relationship will work out. I have several reasons for that, which I’ll explain to you, one by one. I hope you won’t be too upset.

Brain Porn

The current course in my specialization of Arts&Culture called Brainspotting. It is about contemporary perspectives on the mind and body. We talk about the philosophical sides (naturalism, materialism) but also about the social and cultural frameworks of depression and autism. This week, we had a workshop about neuroscience and how misconceptions are created through miscommunication and/in […]

“Intro” blog

I have been asked to write an “Introduction blog” before I start with the ‘real’ stuff. Some people find it quite easy to talk about themselves; they can tell great stories about their lives, including their pets (usually dogs or cats) and hobbies ( “Oh my god! I loooooove baking cupcakes!”).