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How Do You Keep Travelling

At least once a week someone asks me how do I do it. How do I keep on travelling and how do I it with money. Aah money. The magic word for which every backpacker would wake up for. Just whisper in their ear: “Hello sunshine! Time to rise and shine! Money is waiting for […]

The Simpson Desert

There is one massive blank spot on the Austrlian landmap and it is called: The Simpson Desert.  It is Australia´s fourth largest desert and covers up roughly 170 000 sq. km. between Alice Springs and Birdsville. This part is well known for its remoteness and the immense parallel dunes. If you want to cross it, […]

Bed versus Couch

Probably you just had your INKOM and either had your own room or stayed at a friend’s place. During my first introduction week, I had a girl from my group staying at my flat for a week, until she had find her own 8m2 room. Perhaps you can consider this as my very first Couchsurfing […]

Up the Track

The wilderness around us slowly disappeared and more houses were showing up along the road. Places such as Humpty Doo and Palmerston passed our window. If you ever have been to Australia you probably know where I am. We found ourselves in the Northern Territory’s Top End, Darwin. A sign doomed up in the distance: […]

Australia Day

We happen to be in the capital, Canberra – pronounced as Canbra – on Australia Day. It was the 26th of January, a National Holiday and celebration for the country. Australia Day is celebrated throughout the country with barbeques, drunkenness and the necessary national flag waving Many countries have their own national day, to honour […]

Sizzling Sydney

You could almost hear the city breathing. Aah rain! It was a relief. After Christmas it hadn’t rained anymore. Now, when the first drops fell on the heated pavement, it was like water on the barbeque. Sizzling. Ssszzz Sydney’s temperatures have been up between 25-35 degrees, week in, week out. It calls out for a […]

The World According to Bill

Since October we have swapped our Nissan Homy Caravan for an apartment. It is a cheap-as place, where dust and thin, plaster walls are the only things what separates you and your neighbours. This doesn’t count for noise because that goes right through it. Happy us. This is how we got to know our neighbours […]

The Wedding

The city Bandung is called Kota Kembang [The City of Flowers]. After the smog and durian smell of Jakarta, I was thrilled to see it. Unfortunately, Bandung was not much better than Jakarta. Traffic jam is a national  problem and so does Bandung too, suffers from the ongoing – or not going – stream of […]

White Legs.

It was a pleasant half an hour rock-jumping to get to the waterfalls. They were called “Kedung Malem ” which means something in the context of “The heart of an [fallen] angel.” The green canyon wherein the waterfalls were situated blocked most of the daylight which lowered the temperature to 20 degrees. A relief, if you compare […]


Adolf was eating his nasi rames at a warung along the road to Kúta. Our tehmpe was served with sambal. “It is interesting”, he said, “how Indonesia is dealing with the modernization.” I nodded and had a bite of my ayam goreng. It’s great that Indonesians only use Gods cutlery, alias, their hands. Saves lots of dishes. What do you […]


Originally, I wanted to write about being homesick and how fortunate Dutch students are with having their “home” – whatever you want to call it – nearby. Yes, on Friday afternoon, the NS has to deal with the thousands of students who are making their way home – meaning; their home city or parent’s place. […]

What a shock!

For some reason, we always arrive in cities during rush hour. Now, Kiwi rush hours are not the same as the Dutch ones, but still. It is a shock when you have been in the outback and backroads for a few weeks and suddenly there´s a car next to you. Or two. What do you […]

Last Christmas

“Is this your first warm Christmas?” a Guild member asked me. “Yes, it is”, I answered and thought of last year, when I was freezing to death in Vienna. What a contrast with my current situation where even jandals are unnecessary – barefooted is the way to roll. For one moment I thought I was […]

The Friendly Island

One of the most fun parts of travelling is the growing collection of stamps in your passport. Unfortunately you don’t get that many in Europe due to the Schengen Agreement, but outside Europe… oh la la! The more stamps you have, the higher you are in the ranking of ‘world travellers’. In my old passport […]

Hello stranger!

“I’m sorry, are you from here?” A guy with curly brown hair, holding an acoustic guitar, looked at me. “Are you from Auckland?” he asked again. It was raining. It was my second day in Auckland, New Zealand. Technically speaking because I had woken up at 4 PM, thinking it was 12 o’clock (thank you […]

Lakes, design and coffee

In April I visited my friend in Copenhagen. The next time I arrived at Københavns Lufthavne, I was on my way to Helsinki, Finland. During your Erasmus time you get to know a lot of new people. In May, I decided to book my trip to my Finnish, Riina. So it happened; waking up at […]


The last month I have been visiting Huub on a weekly basis. Before the summer started, I didn’t know him and probably would never have. Huub lives in one of the small villages around Maastricht. My visits have been a ‘delightful moment’ because, part that I clean his house, we drink coffee and have a […]

‘Coffee shop’ or ‘coffeeshop’

Jack Daniels. Jack Sparrow. Jack the Ripper. Jack and Jones. Jack Wolfskin. Jack Johnson. Jack Nicholson. Yes, Jack received a lot of nicknames during our time in Vienna. Especially Jack Daniels became quite popular because well… we liked the combination. Jack is from Australia, Sydney, to be precise. However, he studies in Vienna and speaks […]


“Writers need their inspiration. And there it was. In the form of a naked Australian. And I’m sure it has been done before.” I completely agree with this statement, done by Mike Ruffino in the documentary 777 (Rihanna). Ruffino might not be a very known or important person (Google can’t give me any more information, […]

What (not) to wear?

I have to be honest; I was slightly surprised when my friend Luc (my help and stay; tourist office) invited me for FashionClash 2013. Why? Well first of all, it was Luc, who isn’t into fashion. Secondly, neither am I. Going to a fashion show, which includes creepy models, hipsters and other fashionista’s would not […]

Nothing left to say

The everyday life can be a pain in the ass. This can be taken literally; for example when you are cycling and suddenly realize your saddle is missing. Auwtjs. Maybe a bit less literally is when you are having a hard time during your study; your inspiration is at such low point that you can’t […]

Tips & Tops

Sometimes it feels like you can’t do anything right. And sometimes people like to tell you that. In the day-to-day life it is called criticism. In the academic world it is called feedback. Feedback does not necessarily mean your work is bad but it does feel like it. On one hand, it might be helpful […]

Blown away

There are a lot of reasons for not visiting your friends abroad. Although they are your friends, you can’t visit them all. Money, will be the first and most important one, followed by time. Last year, one of my best friends went to Malmö for 6 months. I promised her to visit, but I never […]

Muziekgieterij: Strictly Vinyl

I think it was the second time since I’ve started my study in Maastricht; going out on a Saturday night. Last time I ended up in LBB (Landbouw Belang; shame on you if you’ve never been there), at a ‘Noise’ party. No further comments on that. Despite my preference for the LBB and its unique […]

Changes ahead

Last week I had my last examination week of my Bachelor. After living like a nun (read; not answering the doorbell, phone calls or any other contact related actions. Except Facebook), I was dying to leave my room for something more important than grocery shopping. At least then I had a reason to dress properly, […]


The commercial of Albert Hein tries it again: to make Easter fun. Or delicious. A big picture of a bottle of water stares back at me; Mmmm, Evian water! Jammie! No, it’s not. Since when do people exactly like water? I can’t believe that I’ve ever liked it. Just admit it; it is tasteless. “Well, […]