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End of an era

It has come to an end. I’ve been strolling through this town for about 6 years now. I’ve met a lot of people here that I will never forget. The number of which significantly increased after joining ESN. Hanging around with people from all over the world made me realize how retarded it is to […]


Maastricht is about the least Dutch city you can find in our small country. It’s a city that has a unique character and this makes me feel like coming home everything I’ve been away. Walking around the small curvy cobblestone streets, while passing little old houses that couldn’t be more different from the typical Dutch […]

Adulthood and its manifestations

I’ve not been blogging a lot for the past half a year (neither here nor on personal blogs), due to the fact that it was time for me to step up the graduation game. I’ve came to realize that you can’t be a student forever (or can you?) and that the grown-up life was awaiting. […]

ERO / BHV training

After having one of those deep-thought-blank-stares-into-a-bus-window moments i realized that I am not nearly as Bear Grylss as I would like to think I am. I buy new stuff when something gets broken, instead of fixing it andI wouldn’t be able to survive for 2 days in the case of an apocolypse (although my knowledge […]

Graduating from an American top university while based in the Netherlands

This article was published at the Observant website on the 24th of May. The Georgia Institute of Technology is going to offer an inexpensive online master’s programme for students worldwide. Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, and any other students can now get a master’s degree from a prestigious American university without having to move. The American university is […]

Start of the festival season

Although I think Maastricht doesn’t offer enough for young people to have fun nor does it provide good music according to my taste, it has been improving ever since I started studying. One good improvement concerns the gradual increase of outdoor festivals (some bigger than others) that revolves around music other than classical music or […]

Student Project Team

Next year, the university will present a new challenge for some ambitious students who think they have what it takes to be the change. A newly formed Student Project Team will tackle student-related problems on behalf of the Executive Board. The idea is pretty simple: students know what students want and thus can relate to/improve some […]

Beginning of a new era: Kingsday

Welcome to the Netherlands; the place where people don’t feel Dutch. If you would ask a random Dutchman to what they identify most with, their country or their province/city, most of us will favor the latter. I myself am no exception to this rule and in general feel more Limburgs than I would consider myself […]

The emptiness of Maastricht

Welcome to Maastricht during resit week: a harsh landscape that resembles the scene of a Western before a major showdown is about to take place. An eagle making eagle-sounds, some tumbleweed wooshing over the dusty road, a barren landscape and dead silence. Although Maastricht is visually pretty much the opposite of this (and thus making […]

Reviving the gentlemen’s club

We all should know pictures like the one on top of this post. A gathering of great thinkers who, besides looking like bosses, discuss the big problems of society. Although I do not qualify myself to be on the same intellectual levels of the great thinkers, I would love to partake in one of these […]

Groupwork: heaven or hell?

One of the things that is an inevitable result of working in a PBL-setting is having to work together in a group. Some students like it, many wish it would die a horrible death as soon as possible. Just guess which side I, with my ultimate optimism and ‘love-peace-happiness’-attitude, belong to.

4 books you must have read

Most students who study think of themselves as intelligent people and consequently think they are even smarter  than most other people.   I’m one of those people, but I can honestly state that I don’t even come near to what I should know. The past years I’ve been starting reading more books (as before I […]

Hidden study places

As exams are starting all over again, the library and university buildings become more crowded then ever. Finding a quiet study spot is not possible unless you will participate with the early morning German runs. Luckily there are some secret spots in Maastricht where you can find the peace and quiet you need.

Dutch traditions: Sinterklaas

Every 5th of December the heart of many Dutch children begins to beat faster at the break of dawn. It’s this day that they will be greeted by a good old jolly fellow and his helpers. They bring presents and candy, but only if the children have been  behaving good and well. Sinterklaas is in […]

End of Movember

You might have seen a new trend the past month. Guys growing a beaver on their face and make it look like the 70ies made a huge comeback. For those of you who have been living under a rock, let me enlighten you why moustaches are awesome again. It’s Movember.

Research: getting back at it

After half a year without studying and doing a lot of different things at the same time, it’s time to get back at it again. Whenever you wish to graduate your psych masters, you’ll have to do some sort of research. After taking my time to set it up, it has come down to the […]

Festival season: Tomorrowland

The summer is the typical season of chilling, travelling and festivals. Europe offers a buckload of them for all tastes in music. For people who love electronic music Belgium and the Netherlands are a pure Valhalla. There are numerous big festivals that originate here, such as  ‘I love Techno’, Awakenings, Trance Energy, all Q-Dance festivals […]

Summer time: things to do

Maastricht is a typical student city: it’s deserted from all life in the summer. The remaining brave ones are almost only here to get some cash at a part-time job, study medicine and thus have to work shifts at the hospital or work at a company as in an intern.  This means life is less […]

Drug policy: the marvelous weed-pass.

The Netherlands; well known for its tolerant and laid back view on basically anything (except time). Being openly gay is not a problem. Euthanasia and Abortion are far from taboos anymore. But I guess especially our very tolerant drug policy is welcomed by most people from other countries. Too bad that policy is changing. Introducing: […]

Cultural differences: Morroco vs. the Netherlands

Last week I had the opportunity to escape the depressive pre-summer weather in Maastricht in order to go and explore Morocco. Together with about 35 international students, ESN Maastricht had an all-in trip to the south of this beautiful country. The sun, the overwhelming landscape, the people, it’s just another world than the Netherlands. Time […]

Student entrepreneurship: Marketstuff

Studying is about more than spending time in the lecture halls and the library reading your ass off. It is about developing yourself to become a young professional. One way to do this is to do extra-curricular activities. There are a lot of forms to do this. One way is to become a board-member. Another […]

The Dutch re-united

The Netherlands is a melting pot of  different cultures, attitudes, ethnic groups and ways of living. These differences  cause Dutch people often to feel more ‘local’ than they feel ‘national’. For instance people from ‘Holland’ are nothing like people from ‘Limburg’. We make fun of one another and sometimes even feel a little bit of […]

The pro’s and con’s of a board year

One of the things future employers check for is whether you did something during your period in university that makes you stand out from the crowd. Playing professional sports or having an IQ similar to Steven Hawkins is only something that applies to a select crowd of people, but there are more ways to become […]