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The Freedom of Freedom: Liberal Arts and Sciences.

It’s like a walking dinner; many options, many tastes, all looking really good, making you confused and uncertain. You want to take a bit of it all, taste it all, being sure you did not miss something. In the end, you do not know what you really had, but you have experienced a lot. You […]

Maastricht’s Little Secrets!

Dear freshmen, no further information will be provided on the little secrets Maastricht has to offer. Discover the following places yourself, go there and experience it. Exciting, right?

INKOM Bunker – heroes and more inside information!

Hidden, secured and being sacred, it can be called INKOM’s church. It contains almost everything that is needed during the upcoming week. Only a few persons are allowed to go in and only a few insiders know everything about it. The Bunker of INKOM 2012 has been installed.

INKOM: How they will create memories….

While the countdown has started for all the freshmen and there are still 5 days, 22 hours, 48 minutes en 39 seconds left, the INKOM factory is still running at full speed. Because Maastricht’s most famous factory promises you to create memories and you are probably questioning how, I will quickly show you the highlights […]

INKOM 2012: Are you ready?

Running students, a lot of coffee, energy drinks and paracetamol, rattling computers, working photocopying and cantankerous faces. These are the things one might expect when thinking of the preparations of INKOM 2012 that will take place within two weeks. Nothing of this seems to be true…

Ode to Music

One movie and one festival inspired me to write an ode to music. Because ‘music, whatever kind of, is forever‘ like Paul Simon once said.

The good life

Cheers! Proost! Skål! Prost! Santé! Salud! Salve! Saúde! You are probably sitting in the sun, reading books, listening to your Ipod, drinking beers, and observing the locals in a very appealing environment. Welcome to the good life. Let me guess, Ryanair has brought you to this nice destination?

Introducing: Jip

Hej all, I am from Asten, a very small town in which are probably more cows than people living, which is situated close to Eindhoven. I am 18 years old and started studying on University College Maastricht this year where I follow the interdisciplinary concentration of Humanities and Social Sciences. Furthermore, I am freelancer for […]