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So there you told

There is that one culture I came to know here, that one culture that I will probably hold in my heart forever. They taught me that the literal translation of “aí cê falou” is ‘there you told’ and that you use it when something is very nice (therefore the title of this blog). They’re part […]

Christmas in North-America

Well yeah, I was slightly surprised when last week suddenly everything here was decorated in Christmas style. Light chains were put on trees, the stairway on Mont-Royal is decorated with Christmas tree decoration and in malls they play Christmas music. And when it started last week, it wasn’t even the last week of November. So […]

How not to have success with girls PART II

LORD I was surprised by how many people actually read the first part of this! I posted it and expected/hoped that maybe five people would read it, but seriously, I’m impressed! And of course a big thank you! I planned on writing a second part anyway, but since so many people said “write another one!”, […]

Food Issues and POUTINE

Yes, finally we get there: food issues. Before I start, I want to say that you have to try every single food (except for “broodje kroket”) mentioned in this blog if you have the possibility to do so!

Canadian climate

It’s time to introduce you to the Canadian climate! Hold your breath, because I will take you from movements deep down in the earth up to the sudden temperature drops and raises experienced at various moments.


So that’s it. Four months as an exchange student in Montréal, OVER. Somehow I got back home again, to Dutchland. I still can’t stop wondering why. I’m back to the old life, shit weather, dead town, everything too familiar, too much work for uni, working and everything I was happy to leave when I went […]

Guide how to not have success with girls

While I’m writing this blog I’m still calming down from my football match tonight. We lost again (but we finally scored!) and I got very mad (emotional like one of my teammates called it), and since the game was pretty late (10 p.m.), I still need calming down before I can sleep. But this will […]

Montreal: the best is yet to come

FINALLY I’m able to write something about my first days in Montréal! It’s not that I haven’t had any time to do so, but when I had the time, I was so exhausted that I could do nothing but sleep. My biological clock doesn’t seem to have set itself jet, sounds pretty much like a […]

What’s on a cat’s mind?

Once in a year, my mum goes on a 3 week holiday. I don’t live with my mum, but in those 3 weeks, Jeanny (an acquiantance) and I take care of Tequila, our ginger cat. Usually he never stays inside for longer than 24 hours, neither does he come back within 24 hours. But in those […]