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Welcome unemployment!

And now what? Although it might be a bit early to start stressing about it (after all I submitted my final paper just 3 days ago), questions about the future clog my mind like clouds in the invisible-summer Dutch sky. No longer a student, no more constant pressure for papers, PBL sessions and readings to […]

The fabulous world of the rich and famous: TEFAF 2012

The 25th edition of the annual TEFAF art and antiques fair has just ended, marking the silver jubilee of one of the world’s most prestigious events in the field. Did you wonder why the air traffic above the lovely city of Maastricht had suddenly increased over the past week? TEFAF is the answer. According to […]

Wonderous stories: a 2012 art, dance and media project

If there is something really good about being a student at UM it is certainly the opportunity to start a project in a field you really feel passionate about. Film festivals, online platforms, meetings and debates have been organised in the past year by students and with very good results. An interesting initiative for the […]

How green are you really?

 In ancient times people built funerary monuments, palaces and artworks meant to last forever. Just think of the Pyramids or the Coliseum and then ask yourself what are the things our society will leave behind, what would archeologists find of us in thousands of years? The answer is bitter: garbage. Plastic bottles will float and collect […]

The history of Maastricht through lights

On November 13th the lightshow Lichtspektakel Hoofdwacht Vrijthof premiered at the Hoofdwacht on Vrijthof square. If you happened to be in the area around 19:00 you just could stop there and wait for the magic to happen.

The unpleasant saturday morning surprise

Saturday morning, sun is shining out of the window. Woke up late but I still feel I need more sleep…better stand up and do some work, but before that gotta move the car. It’s been parked in the same place for two weeks, got no parking permit because the car has a foreign registration and […]

A little bit of Paris…in Maastricht

Overwhelmed by the readings I had to prepare for tomorrow, I took the wise decision of giving myself a break tonight. I heard many good comments about the Lumiere cinema just down Grote Gracht so I gave a quick look at today’s program on the cinema’s website and let myself be guided by what in Italy […]