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Can changing our culture change us?

TED always provides a great forum to discuss the future of our planet and how we, as humans, need to change the world. Two weeks ago the TEDx Maastricht event continued the tradition of spreading great ideas to help us find solutions to issues that we humans face. In this Blog post I would like […]

Second Winter

Being from Texas I never thought I would ever hear myself say, “I wish it would stop snowing.” Coming from the south where it’s hot all year round, where cold to us is when the temperature is 50 (Fahrenheit) or below and snow is extremely rare, I was almost looking forward to getting to experience […]

City story

At the bottom of the Netherlands’ southernmost province, Limburg, Maastricht is gem of cobble streets studded at its corners with warm pubs and bakery’s.

Surviving The Trains

Michael’s red jacket and pack flashed in and out the crowd as he bulleted around each person. Craning my neck while avoiding a confused man to my left, I attempted to keep him in my sight. We were all together in this, running for our lives to make that train connection with one minute left […]

A Running Commentary

For whatever reason, when I arrived in Maastricht, I expected “running” to be a foreign concept. Perhaps this is because I had only previously run in the U.S. Perhaps my stereotype of a European involved more bicycle wheels than it did Nike shorts. In a way, I felt I was going to be smuggling the […]

Getting around without getting lost

It’s been about a month since I left my home in Texas to study abroad in Maastricht. Through this program, I’ve had the chance to visit some amazing countries and meet a lot of interesting people. However, I realized that I never took the time to explore Maastricht. In fact, the only places I can get to […]

Living abroad

It’s been three weeks since I’ve landed in Maastricht, and I’m still having trouble coming to reality. Am I really here? This is actually Europe. I’m in Europe!

Carnival in Maastricht

Carnival is a three day party that folks in Maastricht celebrate before Lent. For some, it’s a little more than three days, for others it’s a little less. Either way, people appeal to the heart of it all by dressing up in costumes of all shapes and colors. Last Sunday I put on thermals and […]

First Impression of Maastricht

I arrived in Maastricht on a cold January morning. I had been told that I would be picked up in the Brussels airport by a student, and I would immediately be meeting the other study abroad students in the CES (Center for European Studies) program at Maastricht.

Studying Positive Psychology and discovering Europe

My experience thus far in Maastricht has been wonderful! I arrived a week early into Amsterdam with my mom, or as many here say “my mum,” and immediately felt welcomed and at ease. We ventured to many churches, explored restaurants and visited museums, including the Church in the Attic, waffle shops, and the Rijksmuseum and the […]

Bicycles seem to be the dominant form of transportation…

Jarrett Fastman is an American undergraduate studying at Maastricht University through CES. He has been following our Summer Programme in European Studies and will soon start our Open Enrolment semester programme titled Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe. During his first course here, Intercultural Communication, Jarrett discussed the Netherlands with Sybrand, an international businessman born and raised […]

Life Abroad

So instead of packing for ROME right now, I’m deciding to do a quick blog. I’d like to explain what it has been like living in the Netherlands for the past month. Well it has been AWESOME. Easily the best experience of my life so far. Everything here is so relaxed and based on living life […]


Follow Nate, a student in our Summer Programme in European Studies, throughout his time in Maastricht and Europe. Last weekend he travelled to the South of Germany with his friend and former room mate Austin. 

We are too blessed (part 2)

Follow Nate, a student in our Summer Programme in European Studies, throughout his time in Maastricht and Europe. Here are exerpts of his second week in our beautiful city.

We are too blessed

Follow Nate, a student in our Summer Programme in European Studies, throughout his time in Maastricht and Europe. Here are exerpts of his first week in our beautiful city.

Millions of years of history in Caves

Today we went on a tour of the caves beneath Sint Pietersberg Hill. Initially I was not very excited because I heard the caves were man-made and as we all know The Netherlands is not very famous with mountains, so I pictured a couple of small caves built in an attempt to fool tourists in […]

The things I’ll miss the most…

Having been in Maastricht for approximately a year now, with my departure hovering above me like a dark cloud, I find no better remedy for my sadness than humor (and some liquor to go with it). Now, in all seriousness its hard to picture how I will go on living without international nights, weekly chat/ […]

Pleasant and Unpleasant Surprises

Autodrop Raket Auto’s Oh boy. As evidenced by my rave review of Autodrop Cadillacs a few weeks ago, I am now an Autodrop product fiend.  Or so I thought.  The story of how my mind was so drastically changed goes like this: “Alright guys, time to sample some more candy for the blog.” Julie and […]

Bikini Run

I remember once last semester, while sitting on the German train for the first moment in a very long time, I felt something I hadn’t felt in what appeared to be ages. It was a strange combination between belonging and being a complete stranger, a combination between a German girl right at home and a […]

Yummy Gummy Candy

Autodrop Bosvruchtrode Cadillacs It took me longer than I would like to admit to work up the courage to sample these little chunks of sweet nirvana, but once I did they quickly sped their way to the very top of my personal gummy hierarchy. Why was I wary at first? I reckon it’s best explained […]

European Chocolate Superiority

Nestle Kit Kat So far, everyone from America who has tried the Kit Kat version available in Maastricht is flabbergasted at the substantial variance in its flavor profile from one geographic area to another.  In America, the 240 Kcal Kit Kat’s chocolate is minimally rich, lighter in texture, and far more sugary.  The American Kit […]

I’m not American… or am I?

When we think about what makes us who we are, the place we come from is inevitably one of the first identifiers we place emphasis on, along with others such as age and maybe field of study. It allows us to make a quick picture of the people we meet that might later come into […]

The Sugar Predicament

Why is it that adults don’t eat more candy?  I am continually confounded that super-sugary treats are reserved for children, when adults are clearly the more responsible party in terms of brushing their teeth.  Think about it.  As a child did you leap at the opportunity to accost your mouth with a gag-inducing bristle head? […]