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Dutch Student Associations and INKOM

INKOM vs. ‘Fresher’s Week’ A lot has happened since INKOM. I have heard a lot of feedback about INKOM – which is generally an amazing party to start off student life here in Maastricht. However, INKOM has been mistaken by many as being an equivalent to ‘FreshersWeek’ in the UK (the first week of universities […]


After the madness of INKOM, (which I will blog about later) my faculty has their own 3 ‘Introduction Days’. This is where the students get to know each-other, begin to understand PBL,  and begin to understand where everything is in the building. At the end of these three days is a MASSIVE party. And for […]

Update. Summer> Maastricht> INKOM

I apologise for not posting any blogs in a while, I have been very busy what with family summer holidays (apparently wifi access is almost impossible to get in the north of Scotland…), student finance applications, working in Maastricht and seeing all my friends and family in Edinburgh. [Not all of these things however, are […]

Dutch Student Finance: A Blessay.

Student Study Finance. A Blessay (blog/essay) I decided to write a post on the Dutch Student Finance as I felt the information about it was not easily accessible in one clear document. I also wanted to express some of my opinions about the student finance system itself and possible ways to improve it. Hopefully this […]

The Ultimate Guide to Dutch Style

So you are living in the Netherlands? Want to fit in/be cool etc etc? Well this is exactly what you need. The clear, essential and user-friendly: Ultimate Guide to Dutch Style. The ‘Kakker’  (posh kids, well turned out)   Girls   Knee High Leather boots or plimsols Jeans White long-sleeved Red leather laptop Long natural […]

Ways to deal with Homesickness.

  Homesick [ˈhəʊmˌsɪk], adj; depressed or melancholy at being away from home and family homesickness n (Collins English Dictionary) I am officially home in Edinburgh for a few weeks and it’s good to be home, although really strange. I’m sure many students experience the ‘which home is my real home’ problem and I found that in some ways I […]

21 Tips to Survive UCM (For UK Students)

So, after a semester at UCM, what I can say is this: a few words of warning/experience/advice/recommendation for future UCM students, especially those coming from the UK: – UCM is tough. It is a higher work load than many other Universities. You will hear of your friends at uni in the UK doing far less […]

What is the Point of Uni?

The Point? Asked internally of many a University student is the eternal question: What is the point? For one, there are the rising standards of education. More and more young people are choosing to go to university and therefore: BA, BSc, BAE, BArch, BDiv, BFA, LLB Could soon mean as much as: AIu, Ghb, JAo, […]

Navigating the Norms of Maastricht

  On my first, tentative venture into Maastricht, that ancient European town, the impermeable student bubble, of the great treaty itself (yes, the very one), I was faced with a gargantuan conundrum. This conundrum was to plague me for months, keep me awake at night, haunt me during tutorials, eat away at my soul. It […]