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Roundtable on Oslo Principles, what are they and what will they mean?

“Cross-border cooperation by nations could be the key to preventing climate disaster” Climate change, is it a ‘thing’ and how serious is it? The more legal-minded people might have heard or read about the latest ruling in Dutch courts, Urgenda, where a group of academics and private citizens sued the government for non-compliance with its plan […]

Maastricht of… Leo and Rianda Graus of Tribunal

When studying in Maastricht, especially if your faculty is in the city center, you know café Tribunal. Whether it is because you have an occasional coffee or lunch, or because you can relax there after a tough day, it’s the place where you’re sure that you can meet new people and have good service with […]

Maastricht of.. Onno Hoes, the mayor of Maastricht

You might have heard of this name: Onno Hoes. Whether have heard about him in positive or negative aspect, this doesn’t justify who he really is.  The mayor of Maastricht, whose private life regrettably played a big part on his term in public office, welcomed us with open arms to do this interview. It gave […]

Maastricht of.. Judith Oostwegel-van Uden

Introduction It was an absolute pleasure to do this interview with mrs. Oostwegel-van Uden, wife of Camille Oostwegel and together the driving force behind the Camille Oostwegel group, owners of several big restaurant and hotel properties. Mrs. Oostwegel was a perfect hostess and showed us around a lot of the incredible rooms of the Kruisherenhotel, […]

Say Hello to the Student Project Team

Did you know Maastricht University has a Student Project Team? We didn’t either! We had the pleasure of meeting with the four members of the Student Project Team, who explained what the SPT is and what kind of work they do, also telling us about the projects that they’ve already accomplished.  

My way to make money with Marieke Nass

As bills don’t pay themselves an income is required, some obtain it by working for a wage, others by starting up their own business and some are so talented that they can make an income out of their hobby. In the Weekly column My way to make money we interview a student or a university employee about […]

Maastricht of… Carmen Hermans

We start off this series with a very well-known surname: Hermans. You may have heard of ‘Bekkerij Mathieu Hermans’ from locals or fellow students, who told you where to get the best ‘Vlaai’ in Maastricht. We got the chance to catch up with the woman who keeps the family-owned bakery business running, the face of the […]

Ambassador Lecture Series: An Introduction

If you study in Maastricht, you have probably heard of the ‘Ambassador Lecture Series’. Once in a while you will see the event pop by on Facebook or the posters in the library. We at Maastricht Students want to introduce you to the team behind the events and show you what your fellow students are […]