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Did you know Maastricht University has a Student Project Team? We didn’t either! We had the pleasure of meeting with the four members of the Student Project Team, who explained what the SPT is and what kind of work they do, also telling us about the projects that they’ve already accomplished.


© Brian Megens

The four members of the Student Project Team © Brian Megens

The four members of the SPT: Lucy van Dieijen, Lorenza de Domenico, Krzysztof Górski and Elisa Jansen, tell us what this very new body within the University (established only in September 2013) does.The idea for the Student Project Team originated from the University Council but the SPT now works under direction of the Executive Board of the UM. With four main goals to work on throughout the academic year (like an improved version of MYUM, webmail and Eleum among others), the SPT is very busy at bridging the gap between the student and management.

In order to give feedback on these big projects, the members of the SPT have set up a student-panel consisting of 50 students from all different faculties and years, who give their opinion on these matters during monthly meetings.

The international members of the SPT have mostly interrupted their studies in order to fulfill this 9-5 job. One of their accomplishments has been to organize a competition for good entrepreneurial ideas, which were presented to the Executive Board, after which two teams won 250 euros.

Another project the SPT is working on, is the improved version of the Student Portal, where the members of the SPT get to give their opinion, also on simple, yet essential things like: lay-out, accessibility and use-ability. The fruits of these kinds of jobs aren’t directly visible within the University because they stretch alongside a long period of time. However, on the long term, progress and effect of the workings of the SPT can be distinguished.

© Brian Megens

During the interview © Brian Megens

We asked the members of the SPT what they liked about this job. They answered that they get to work “for the students”. Their say has an impact on big executive decisions that require input from students. Also, they said that the projects can vary a lot, which makes each day different from the next. Their dedication is visible, and enthusiasm for the University is contagious! Lastly we ask them what students have to do to become a member of the SPT. The way to become a part of the SPT, is to apply for the job when the applications open around May 2015. There will be two rounds in the selection procedure, so, for interested students that feel like this is something for them, keep your eyes peeled!

To reach the Student Project Team about how you can become part of the Studentpanel or the SPT, mail them at

You can also follow them on Facebook here or visit their website here for more information on their activities.

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