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Foto As bills don’t pay themselves an income is required, some obtain it by working for a wage, others by starting up their own business and some are so talented that they can make an income out of their hobby. In the Weekly column ‘My way to make money’ we interview a student or a university employee about their job or business and ask them questions about how they experience their work.

For this week we interviewed 23-year-old student Nina le Grand, who is in the last year of her European Law School bachelor and currently working as manager of Mix & Mingle, which is a recurring event organised by Maastricht University. Next to her studies and her job, Nina loves to dance jazz, ballet and modern. More of her favourite activities include travelling, sports and catching up with friends. Mix & Mingle..
Since July I am the new student assistant for organising Mix & Mingle, Maastricht University’s International Student Get-Together. Mix & Mingle is an informal get-together for internationally-oriented students and aims to bring together students from all corners of the globe that have come to study in Maastricht. We also aim to get students in contact with local business owners and student organisations to make sure the students can make the most of their student life in Maastricht!

My job..
As a students assistant I basically work for a supervisor at the university’s main office. Although being an assistant implies that I am just helping out, I am actually responsible for about 80% of the work related to organising the Mix & Mingle. Together with the university’s event’s office and an external event planner the date is set, the venue is booked and a theme is set for the evening and then I can get to work. Arranging sponsors, contacting associations, promoting the event. It’s all part of my job.

A regular day at work looks like…
I usually get in around 10.00 in the morning. I always start my day by answering my e-mails. As I am solely dependant on other orgaizations and people it is very important to stay in touch with all these parties. Meaning I spend most of my day behind my computer sending out e-mails and the rest of the day I spend in meetings with parties involved in the Mix & Mingle.

I like my job because..
I love my job organising the Mix & Mingle because I love to facilitate the students with everything I missed out on when I moved to Maastricht. I would have loved to get to know people from different parts of the world and also getting to know people from other faculties. With Mix & Mingle we are really hoping to bring students together and connect with each other. As well as that it is just going to be an amazing night at a lovely venue with good music as well as a chance to win awesome prizes in the ticket raffle! I can really challenge myself by finding the best sponsors for the Mix & Mingle. I am really looking to go the extra mile by arranging cool extra’s for the students. For the upcoming event I, for example, arranged sponsored flights to London, tickets to an indoor ski park and free cinema entries. Another reason to not miss the next Mix & Mingle!

The thing that makes the job hard is..
Timing is key in my job. I have to make sure that my planning is immaculate. Especially when using different tools to address my target group. I have to make sure I submit everything in time to the right people and parties in time. Everything to do with the party has to be set before the posters and flyers  go to press for example. I have to make sure the party is organised in a week without exams and whilst confirming with all the parties involved in the Mix & Mingle the 7th of October I need to also start planning for the next Mix & Mingle the 11th of November.

I got this job by..
Applying to an online advertisement promoting a vacancy for the  Mix & Mingle student assistant. Trust me, when you are looking for the perfect student job, it pays to keep a close eye on the online UM channels!!

The main reason for choosing this job is..
It is the perfect job for a student. I am organising amazing parties for a living; I can make sure that all the students get what they expect from a good party whist also having the University’s best interests at heart. It is great to facilitate students with an event where they can hang out and have a good time and on the other hand also getting them into contact with student organizations and local or regional sponsors. One of the other great things about my job is that it is so flexible. I can adapt my working hours to my university schedule so I never get in trouble combining working with studying.

The time I spend in doing my job is..
Approximately I spend about 20 hours a week at work.

Later in life I’ll be..
As a law student I do hope to end up in the field of Law as some stage. Maybe as a lawyer or a judge, maybe as a legal advisor. At the moment I am not quite sure yet however I’m sure my newly acquired organisational skills will come in handy in almost any job.

I love my job because..
Who doesn’t love a good party and getting paid to organise it! Check out Maastricht University’s  Mix & Mingle International Student Get Together at here and join our party the 7th of October!

You can find the poster for the upcoming event below. 10648995_855081917837151_3122397176625154321_o

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