Ambassador Lecture Series: An Introduction

If you study in Maastricht, you have probably heard of the ‘Ambassador Lecture Series’. Once in a while you will see the event pop by on Facebook or the posters in the library. We at Maastricht Students want to introduce you to the team behind the events and show you what your fellow students are doing next to studying.

An impression of one of our lectures last academic year.

An impression of one of the lectures last academic year.

Maastricht Students: Who are part of the organisation of the Ambassador Lecture Series (ALS)?
Rosalin Süld: My name is Rosalin Süld and together with my team I organise the Ambassador Lecture Series (ALS) at Maastricht University.
With each lecture we compose a core team of 4-5 people who will be responsible for the main organisational tasks, such as promotion, press releases, news articles, audiovisual media etc.
The current team consists of Lilly Graf, Maret Ansperi and Benni Martin. I am very glad to have them since they have done such a great job.  We have a great team spirit and we have managed to keep it up even during the most stressful periods.

MS: How old are you?
RS: I’m 23 years old.

MS: What do you study?
RS: I just graduated my bachelors in European Law and this year I started my masters in corporate and commercial law.

MS: How did you get the idea to organise the ALS?
RS: I actually joined the ALS team when it already had been set up , but it was still a very new project at that time. My friend and I volunteered with an idea for a lecture – we invited the former Prime Minister of Russia Mr. Kasyanov- and the event was a huge success. I helped with another lecture after which I was offered a more permanent position.

MS: What is the Ambassador Lecture Series?
RS: The ALS is an exclusive project of Maastricht University, which is supervised by the Marketing Director where the lectures that are organised by students for students. It offers an opportunity to meet experts from different academic fields and engage in a discussion. Even though the title of the lecture includes the word ‘ambassador’ it shouldn’t be taken in its traditional meaning- we always aim at a wide range of speakers.

MS: How did the ALS develop?
RS: The Series has developed step-by-step. It has always been an event, which is initiated by UM students who have expressed their interest in a particular topic or a speaker and have volunteered to help with the organisation of the event.
Over the past year we have also worked on the branding and promotion of the Series. We have created our own FB page (see below) and we have our own logo for the Ambassador Lecture Series.

We are very glad to have the support of Maastricht School of Management with the upcoming motivational lecture. They have shown much interest in it and for us it has been a pleasure working with them. Next to that, we are always looking for companies to work with.

MS: Why is it important for students to visit these lectures?
RS: With each lecture we try to create an environment of lively discussion. Students can express themselves on the topic and get feedback from experts. We also aim to invite only high profile guest speakers whose speech will be of extra value to students and will create certain emotions.

MS: Do you only organise lectures or also other kinds of events?
RS: We are only involved with the usual ALS lectures, but we are also open to debate-oriented events.

MS: If people are interested in joining, what are you looking for?
RS: People are always welcome to join our ambitious team. We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate students with big ideas. They should be able to work in a team and they should be communicative and responsible.

MS: Can people suggest new speakers to the team?
RS: Absolutely! We consider all the suggestions, but only the very best ones will survive 🙂


An impression of when Mr László Andor, the EU Commissioner for employment, social affairs and inclusion, took part in the Series last academic year.

To follow the latest news of the Ambassador Lecture Series on Facebook, click here

A good example of one of our events is our very next lecture with Robin Sieger, who is a world-class expert on motivation and success. For more information check:



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