My Way to Make Money with Rasa Kuisytė


As bills don’t pay themselves an income is required, some obtain it by working for a wage, others by starting up their own business and some are so talented that they can make an income out of their hobby. In the Weekly column My way to make money we interview a student or a university employee about their job or business and ask them questions about how they experience their work.
This week we interview Rasa Kuisyte a 20 year old Lithuanian 2nd year European Studies student who is a supervisor in the Talk2Students team which is part of the marketing and communication department of the University.

Talk2Students is the new name for the Buddy Team. We are responsible for communication with prospective students through social media and email. Whenever prospective students have questions regarding the University, they can contact us and we try to help them to the best of our capabilities and act as the student representative towards the university. The by and for student approach makes communication with the university for the student more accessible.

I like my job…
because it allows me to support myself financially as well as introduces me to the different tasks and responsibilities required for office work. This position is the best possible option for me as a full-time student in Maastricht and I’m confident that I’ll benefit from this job in the future.

A regular day at work…
looks a lot like working in a regular call center, however, we get to engage with students through social media that has been a great addition to our spectre of duties in the Talk2Students team. As a supervisor of Talk2Students, most days require me to attend a meeting or two with personnel from multiple departments in order to discuss progress made by the University and future projects.

One of the difficulties coming with my work…
is the necessity of efficient time management in order to keep up with my studies as well as work tasks. However, multitasking is required for most serious jobs and is something I’m more than happy to have learned.

I got this job by…
recommendation of my friend and co-worker. We both applied on the same time for the position and it was an incredible coincidence that we both got this job even though there were multiple candidates for the positions.

The main reason for choosing this job…
was my determination to get my finances into my own hands and the pleasure of guiding prospective students to their future in Maastricht University. I believe I am able to give this job the respect that it deserves and treat every task with the required amount of professionalism.

The time I spend doing my job

is around 10-14 hours during the academic year and around 20-40 hours during the holidays. Although I have to sacrifice my spare-time I feel that the effort is well worth as I get the opportunity to communicate with young individuals from all over the world and their grateful attitude is the best pay-off I could imagine.

I didn’t expect the work to be…
to have such an amazingly friendly environment for students and teaching me professional attitude towards projects and jobs in my own future. I also did not expect that my opinion and ideas would be valued and seriously taken into account. Innovation is both admired and appreciated which is something I was not used to in my previous jobs.

I love my job because…
I’ve met wonderful and motivated students with similar interests that have the same amount of determination for helping people in making serious decisions and guiding them through the process of it. My supervisor is most likely the best boss I will ever have and her positive attitude towards my co-workers and I is truly inspiring. It’s hard to find a job that you would love doing well for, yet this position is teaching me so much, I couldn’t imagine not doing my very best every day to express my appreciation for the opportunity I was given.

Later in life I’ll…

pursue a career in International Relations and preferably specialize in relations between EU institutional bodies and Northern American associations. It is hard to specify accurately as to what my profession will entail, however, my interests have guided me across Europe to Maastricht and I hope I will be able to continue my professional journey.

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