INKOM: Interview with the President of the Work Group

On the 18th of August new students will be welcomed in Maastricht with the annual INKOM. For those attending INKOM 2014, continue the tradition of living INKOM to its fullest!  We interviewed the president of the INKOM organisation Elsemieke Hoet, a 22-year-old student at the law faculty. We were curious about the plans that Elsemieke and her colleagues have for this year’s edition.


Why did you want to help organising the INKOM?
I’ve already been a member of the Central Post (INKOM organisation) for 2 years now and therefore I wanted to take the next step by being part of the board. It’s a fantastic experience to be occupied with the INKOM for an entire year!

When do the preparations for the INKOM start?
The Workgroup INKOM consists of five students and we started with the preparations for this year’s INKOM in November (full-time).  From the beginning of Augusts also the Central Post starts helping us, this is a group of 25 students that help us during the 2 weeks before the INKOM and of course in the INKOM week itself.

How many people does the INKOM team consist of?
The Workgroup INKOM consists of 5 students working on it fulltime. We also have a lot of volunteers, like the Central Post, the MECC-cie and a big group of Crew members who all help us out coordinating all activities and thus work really hard during the INKOM.

Where does this year’s theme come from?
This year, the INKOM theme is “Enjoy the Ride”. When we started our year we were thinking: ‘What is the INKOM about’? Studying means a new chapter in someone’s life, which goes really fast; before you know it, you’re already graduated. This also applies to the INKOM week itself: the end is there before you know it, so you better enjoy it before it’s over!

What did you change for this year’s INKOM?
INKOM 2013 decided to pursue a lot of changes in the programme, so we’ve decided to keep this programme and make all activities even better! We did change some locations, e.g. the Festival will be at the Koompe this year (same location as the Bruis Festival). Furthermore, we do have some new activities like Start Up Supper (a moment for the new students and their mentors to have dinner before the Opening) and Maastricht Market (an activity where students receive a lot of information, but also get to know Maastricht by a fun boat ride or an exciting city tour).

What advice did the people organising the INKOM over the past years give you?
Former members of the INKOM board are still very actively involved with the INKOM. They help us out a lot during the year. Besides a lot of practical information, they are also stressing the fact to “enjoy the year as much as you can”, which perfectly matches our theme of course!

What surprised you in your job?
The enthusiasm of all the people we work with! Everyone is always so happy to talk about the INKOM, like our volunteers, but also all the new students and the companies that we’re working with.

People don’t expect us…
to be busy with the INKOM for a whole year. It remains hard to explain to people what’s needed in order to make the INKOM the way it is now. We’re only 5 people, organising a week for 2700 participants and around 4000-5000 visitors, with every activity on a different location and the biggest student parties of the Southern part of the country: that’s a lot of work!

What is your personal highlight of the INKOM?
Well, of course the INKOM still has to come, but I’m expecting a great Opening, since it is the official start of our week where we (Workgroup INKOM) will welcome everyone at the stage and then Nielson (a famous Dutch artist) will perform. Not only the students are attending the Opening, but also senior students and even Maastricht inhabitants will be present!

When is the INKOM a success for you?
If all of our visitors, new students but also all other people that come to the INKOM, look back at a fantastic week. It will be great if they’ll talk about the INKOM over the upcoming months and remember the week as a great experience, where they have met new people, enjoyed the activities and got to know the city of Maastricht!

Why should prospective students in Maastricht definitely not miss the INKOM?
It is the perfect opportunity to start your student life here in Maastricht! You can start your week by getting to know new people, getting to know the student life, and of course the city! Besides that, it is a fantastic week with a lot of exciting activities.

The Workgroup INKOM

The Workgroup INKOM: Bonnie, Elsemieke, Maron, Cécile en Jeroen


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