End of an era

It has come to an end. I’ve been strolling through this town for about 6 years now. I’ve met a lot of people here that I will never forget. The number of which significantly increased after joining ESN. Hanging around with people from all over the world made me realize how retarded it is to stick with purely your own customs and values. On top of this, the exchangers live life to the fullest and although i don’t really like the reasoning behind their extravagant lifestyle (What happens in Maastricht Stays in Maastricht; let’s do everything god forbid, never speak about it again and return to the charade you call life back home), I do prefer it over the normal student life. It shows you who people really are and this is always better than play pretend.

Besides all the Sunday Funday’s, cozy nights at the Preuverij, Kiwi and Falstaff, drunken nights at Alla and awesome house-parties, still some studying needed to be done. The bachelor of Psychology wasn’t really what I expected it to be. I only started to like it in year 3 when we got a bit more biological and we could select our own electives. Surprisingly (I would never have thought of doing this a couple of years ago) I decided to do the master Health and Social Psychology, which again wasn’t what I expected it to be (it might be my lack of detective skills?), but I liked it in the end. I loved that I could give my own twist to the research part and could do something I liked myself but was completely health unrelated (the main focus of the master). I owe Karlijn Massar and Gerjo Kok immensely for supervising my research from start to finish.

And now it is off to the real world of working, being serious and all. If I can get a job that is. Ah well something will pop up I guess. For now I want to say arrivederci and peace out. Until we meet again.

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