What (not) to wear?

I have to be honest; I was slightly surprised when my friend Luc (my help and stay; tourist office) invited me for FashionClash 2013. Why? Well first of all, it was Luc, who isn’t into fashion. Secondly, neither am I. Going to a fashion show, which includes creepy models, hipsters and other fashionista’s would not be my cup of tea. And then there is still the age-old dilemma: What (not) to wear? Especially for women, this could make or break your day. A fashion show is the place to look and be looked at. This creates an even bigger pressure. Even Luc struggled with this problem. He wore his only (clean) pair of jeans: “I’ve to keep my legs together because I have a tear in my crotch.”

Maybe the show would give us some inspiration to prevent these kind of fashion mistakes.

 FashionClash is an interdisciplinary fashion event which was held for the 5th time. The last few years I hadn’t visit the shows because of the lack of money. Furthermore TLC provides me with more than enough fashion-input and I’m a bit wary of the skinny models and arrogant designers. No. All the drama around those shows is not my thing. But sitting in the front row at FashionClash could be a fresh start of a new mind-set about fashion. The one thing we’ve learned; fashion is like art. Or better, like beer and/or wine. You need to learn how to appreciate it.

 The creations which were shown on the catwalk differed from dead Pino’s and tissues coming out the models’ noses and ears (Tate Christiane), to dancing gents with white socks and dressing gowns (Nawie Kuiper). Right Said Fred would have loved it I’m a model, you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk. On the catwalk yeah, I shake my little touche on the catwalk.”

 As I said, you need to learn how to look at fashion. The line between art and fashion is very thin. Maybe the most easiest way to distinguish the two, is by looking if it is wearable in day-to-day-life. And most of the time it is not. Nobody walks in deadly stiletto’s or ridiculously big platform-soles. Nobody wants to look like he just failed his audition for the role of a tampon in the new Libresse commercial.

But that is not what it is all about.

Some designer want to use their designs to make a statement or to express themselves. Clothes are surely the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to do this.

 In the 3 hours where we were surrounded with the fashionista’s and know-it-alls of art, clothes and design, we still had no clue what to wear the next day. But we know at least 1 thing: “I know what is in next season”, Luc said “No bras. No breasts.”
Oke, we might not managed to understand fashion but this is of course, mission impossible. Even the book “Learning to look at paintings” has been in my bookcase for over 3 years. Untouched.