Writers need their inspiration. And there it was. In the form of a naked Australian. And I’m sure it has been done before.”

I completely agree with this statement, done by Mike Ruffino in the documentary 777 (Rihanna). Ruffino might not be a very known or important person (Google can’t give me any more information, expect he’s ‘a writer’ for Playboy). But despite that, I think he’s right. Right in the sense of “inspiration” and “form”. Of course writers need a theme to write about and I’m sure the naked Australian was very inspiring for many journalist on the plane (you can Google this too). But it is not the magic trick to tackle your ‘writers block’, of which some of you, at the moment, might suffer from. However, you can turn the negative aspects of writers blocks around, and make it positive. Or in other words; it is a source of inspiration. Take for example Just Jack, who made a terrific song about this.

Others find a bottle green liquid a way to do the trick. Especially in the older days.

Lately I read an article about the art-industry which needs alcohol (and especially the six sense stuff) to stay alive. The drink would provide an artists with such visual and creative input, that it has to be brilliant.
My memories of the green drink are not that brilliant. Only the morning after (read; afternoon) is indelibly printed on my mind; my roomie Lukas woke me up (3PM), by 
calling me, with the question “where are you” and found me in my bed, wearing the same clothes as the night before. Only then they were clean.

Despite my erhm.. not so positive experiences, others find it “the best thing  they’ve ever drank. My friend saw unicorns everywhere, while my other friend thought she was sliding down a rainbow. In fact, the unicorns appeared to be empty coffee cups (we had no plastic ones) and the “rainbow” was the staircase of our hostel. Not really the staircase to heaven. I guess Oscar Wilde was right when he said:

After the first glass, you see things as you wish they were. After the second, you see things as they are not.”

But I still wonder what will happen with the streaking Australian. Would it turn into a giant kangaroo?
And what about script writers of horror films, such as SAW and Hostel. Was absinthe their medicine against a writers block as well? How do they get inspired? Is it something unexpected or something ‘normal’? For example; imagine; a script writer sitting in the park, watching his daughter play and then… Eureka!
Lets make a scene where the victim is first tortured by cutting of his tongue with a fish line and than hanged, up side down, on a climbing frame. Brilliant idea. Genius. Better than zombies walking out of a forest, killing people and smashing them in to tiny little pieces so they can eat them. I don’t think they just drank a coffee on that or watched the documentary 777.

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