Muziekgieterij: Strictly Vinyl

I think it was the second time since I’ve started my study in Maastricht; going out on a Saturday night. Last time I ended up in LBB (Landbouw Belang; shame on you if you’ve never been there), at a ‘Noise’ party. No further comments on that.

Despite my preference for the LBB and its unique parties with its high rate of drugs and/or alcohol usage, it was time for something different. The Platielstraat with its cafés (ClinQue, 2Heeren etc.) has a lot to offer but, unfortunately, it closes at 2 AM. The Feesfebrik and FM are opened till 5 or 6 AM, but it doesn’t offer a place for the more alternatives among us.

So, where to go?

A friend of mine invited my to a electroparty in the new Muziekgieterij: Strictly Vinyl & Eva. Since Solar 2011, I’m not really into electro any more. On the other hand; I only had good experiences with the Muziekgieterij and I hadn’t checked out the new location. Furthermore, if it sucked, we could always go back to his place and release him from his beer stock.

But we didn’t.

It turned out that the Muziekgieterij was the perfect location for parties like these. It made me like electro again. The new location is perfect and I agree with Sophie (The Maastricht’s students aren’t ready for the new Muziekgieterij), it is a contribution to the city as a culture capital. It is a big space but it has a lot of potential. Candles where used to create some kind of ‘special’ atmosphere. Suddenly you were forgotten that the Muziekgieterij actually is situated in Maastricht. The place could be easily somewhere else, like London or Berlin. It has created that perfect alternative for the LBB or Market. The old rock&roll style has not disappeared; I got the feeling the Muziekgieterij is more down-to-earth than other night life scenes in Maastricht. It changed, but it is still the Muziekgieterij.

Sophie expressed her disappointment of the Maastricht’s students. They weren’t ready yet. Maybe she is right or maybe it was the party. All in all, looking around, most people studied at FaSoS or UCM and only 3 of them wore those pointless beanies.
I’ve spoken to Belgium and German people, but no “hardcore-Maastrichtenaren” or other studies (FHM, Law etc.). Of course it was a Saturday, where the local youth might prefer the Feesfebrik and most students return home with their laundry. But I have to agree with Sophie; it is a pity that the Muziekgieterij has such a great new spot and not the amount of visitors to fill up the space. On the other hand, the Muziekgieterij could use this ‘underdog’ image to remain their alternative name. 

I haven’t been to a bigger concert in the Muziekgieterij yet, but looking around, it would be perfect for it. The long train journeys to Amsterdam and Utrecht would be history and I can just sway back home, on my bike.

Discussing this issue with a friend of mine, we both agreed on the lack of these kind of places. Now we got two, but both with their very own character. A third, smaller one would not be a bad idea.

Until then, I will be a frequent visitor of the Muziekgieterij and you should be too.

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  1. Utrechtse Student
    Utrechtse Student says:

    Leuk artikel! Ben een keer bij Strictly Vinyl geweest en ik vind het een top concept. Één opmerking: het is geen electro..


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