The commercial of Albert Hein tries it again: to make Easter fun.
Or delicious.
A big picture of a bottle of water stares back at me; Mmmm, Evian water! Jammie!

No, it’s not. Since when do people exactly like water? I can’t believe that I’ve ever liked it. Just admit it; it is tasteless.
“Well, how does your soup taste?”
“A bit watery…”
OK, water can be very tasty, when you’re very, very, very thirsty.
I remember a several occasions (Pinkpop festival, incredibly hot summers, long train journeys, some drunken nights) where I was very pleased with a few sips of plain water.
Also, when I would ever end up the middle of the Sahara, I would find Evian water very Jammie! On the other hand, if it was beer, (even Heineken) I would drink it too. And find it Jammie!

You know what is really Jammie? Go to the Maastricht market, on Friday. Take 5 euros with you and buy a bag of fruit, for 5 euros.
Every week you get a big bag of fruit, filled with stuff you would never even considered buying.
This week, I got a ‘tropical bag’.
There are two stands where you can buy them. I usually take the right one, because the seller does not ‘throw’ with melons or screams your head off with “OOOOOOOOOOOORANGES! VERY VERY VERY HEAAAAALTHY OOOOORANGES!”
No, the man in the right stand doesn’t. He’s exactly quite calm for a market vendor:
Free, and this one is free and this, and this and as a bonus; a papaya!”
After putting 3 oranges, 4 limes (when do you eat those?), 1 melon and 1 pineapple, he handed me over a papaya, which had the size of my entire arm.
How and when will I eat this and more important: how do I get this thing home?

In a miraculously way, I got home. And after I cut it up in 4 parts, I can tell you; the black seeds are not edible.
It is not a pomegranate, which paints your kitchen pink and where you’re supposed to consume the the seeds.
Or a kiwi, which you can eat it in multiple ways (apparently, some people eat the skin as well…)
No, from the papaya you only eat the pink, soft part. Now I understand why I got limes with it…

Another thing learned. Cultural borders are broken.