Changes ahead

Last week I had my last examination week of my Bachelor. After living like a nun (read; not answering the doorbell, phone calls or any other contact related actions. Except Facebook), I was dying to leave my room for something more important than grocery shopping. At least then I had a reason to dress properly, presentable and approachable, because lets be honest; your pyjamas are not that flattering. And lucky me, I got the chance! Last Wednesday I needed to get out of the house to present my thesis to the company of which I’ll write about. I got up in time, dressed properly, presentable and looked approachable.
On the journey back (Roermond – Maastricht) the feeling of doubt and uncertainty came over me. I suddenly realized this was really the beginning of the end of my study. While watching the landscape of Limburg flashing by, I became aware of the fact that I was standing at the start of a whole new part of my life. I’m certainty not the only one who is finishing his study this year. If you too, are graduating this year; Brace yourself, change is coming…

During my IETLS test for my Master, I had to tell my examiner about ‘change’. I tried to remember what one of my biggest changes was so far. The first thing what came up was the day that I moved into digs. It was not that special; my mum woke me up, kissed me goodbye before she went to work. When she was gone, I packed my suitcase and left. The same night I ended up in a student association, drinking beer. Change is good, they say.

The second big change might be my Erasmus to Vienna. It was quite weird to just take the plane at 7 AM and be in Austria at 9, standing in front of your ‘new home’ at 10. Not only the place was completely different, the language and system were a turnover. But after a week you don’t know any better. The journey back was I think even more stranger; talking German for half a year, being used to a city where it’s just impossible to be bored and then moving back to Maastricht, where you can understand everything people are saying (and visa versa)… it was weird. But again, after a few weeks you are used to it

Now, a new change knocks at my door; finishing my Bachelor and (hopefully) start my Master this year. But what is the big change here? I’m planning to stay in Maastricht, study at the same university (duh), maybe moving to another place (because mines will be knocked down). But do I need to change my lifestyle too? Can’t I drink a bottle of wine (each) with a friend on Tuesday anymore? Will I never cycle/sway home at 5 o’clock in the morning? I don’t think so.

 But these next 2 months will be different. Instead of having a lecture a week and 3 seminars, I’ll only have 1 meeting and need to do a lot of research… on my own. Free time? Well, we will see. I’ll definitely plan some time in for the necessary bottles of wine and swaying ways home. After all; some habits don’t have to change.