Blown away

There are a lot of reasons for not visiting your friends abroad. Although they are your friends, you can’t visit them all. Money, will be the first and most important one, followed by time.
Last year, one of my best friends went to Malmö for 6 months. I promised her to visit, but I never did. The main reasons were indeed money and time, however, it seems to be that I had enough money to buy a Pinkpop ticket (passe-partout).

When I went to Vienna, I was quite disappointed that nobody took effort to visit me. But in the end I got visit from my 2 study friends during New Year and in January, one of my oldest (primary!) school friends stepped by for a few days. On the other hand, I didn’t want that much visitors because my Erasmus was the time I wanted to have for my own. However, I did cry when I met one of my best friend in (the same who went to Malmö) in Krakow. She was on an excursion, I was on a trip with the ESN. Now, she is Copenhagen for her research.

The same day I came back from Vienna, she went to Copenhagen. In total, we had seen each other only once in 6 months. Way too less for very good friends. This time I really wanted to visit her.
So I did. Copenhagen (or København) is the capital of Denmark. It has circa 1.1 million inhabitants and was founded in the 10th century. So to the peeps who thought Copenhagen was a brand new city: Think twice.

The flight from Eindhoven to Denmark lasts a bit less than an hour, which makes the journey to the airport even longer than the whole flight. Kind of weird if you realise this.
My friend waited for me to pick me up. After dumping my stuff at her very, Scandinavian, Ikea house, we walked to the centre. We were very lucky with the weather; despite the always present wind, the sun was shining and there was no rain. Quite rare, according to her.
To be honest I had no expectations of Copenhagen. I’ve been to Rømø and Legoland, but that’s about it; Copenhagen was still on my bucket list, if only because of the computer game we used to play when we were kids: World Tour (Op Wereldreis). You had to collect stickers of (tourist) attractions and other famous things. That’s how I became good in geography. And that is how I know about the little mermaid. In real life, she is really small; just like Manneken Pis, it is not as you expected to be.
On the other hand, that was only slightly down side of Copenhagen, next to the wind and high prices. The people, the atmosphere, the architecture, the culture…. Copenhagen has it all!

With a surprising amount of churches, towers and lovely havens where you can sit, have a beer (or two), Copenhagen is really worth visiting. As my friend said: it is a city where you can be yourself without being  judged.
Furthermore, the beach is nearby, everybody speaks English (which is handy, because basic Danish reading is for Dutch people OK, but speaking…), you feel very safe and and people actually seem happy! In contrast to Vienna, where it was a sport to look as grumpy as possible, Copenhagen seems to be naturally happy! They seem to be proud of being Danish; and that for a country with no rivers and Lutheranism as main religion.
Maybe it was the weather…

To be honest, I would love to go back there. The city is clean, friendly and modern. Even though it isn’t a metropole like London or New York; it is hard to become bored. Another plus is you never, ever have to worry about your hair because the wind is so hard, you don’t feel bothered to do your hair. Your out-of-bed-look is created for you.
København, you blew my mind.

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  1. Reinie
    Reinie says:

    Lief, ik dacht nog even je blog te gaan lezen voor het slapen gaan. Nu zit ik hier spontaan met een paar traantjes in mijn ogen! Ik mis je en tot over 1 maandje!


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