Muziekgieterij: the music temple of Maastricht

There are several things in life that I wish to do more, but for some reason I can’t get around to it. Read more books, learn more languages , watch more artsy fartsy movies instead of the commercial cap I watch way too often & visit more concerts. Luckily a new incentive presented itself: the renewed Muziekgieterij.
In a brand new location that can only be described as pure ecstasy (I already had the pleasure to visit it before it opened) the Muziekgieterij will come back bigger and better than ever. The entire concert-hall is filled to the brim with state of the art technology to ensure a proper eargasm. The concept is simple: high quality music, high quality refreshments in an high quality atmosphere.

A lot of students (and other human beings) complain that music in Maastricht is too mainstream and only fits with types that come across in such shows as Geordie Shore (do NOT look it up if you still have faith in humanity). True that, as music on the bar-strip cannot exactly be defined as groundbreaking and fresh. However, the Muziekgieterij hosts several bands and dj’s every week in every style of music you might think of. Are you a hipster looking for some dubstep? A romantic hippy looking for indy? A semi-intellectual searching for Jazz? No need to search further. Better yet, they will also allow you to show your own skills (in the recording booth as well as on stage) or set up your own activities.

To kick it all off, they will open the venue this weekend with a festival: Bruis at the Docks. for €25 euro a day you can enjoy bands such as: DeWolff, BEEF, Toy, Wallace and many more. Go check out their website now.

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