Good Idea

 “I’ll tell you what you did wrong”, hissed the woman, “you screamed in front of the children! That is just bad! You behaved like a child!”
The man, obviously not impressed by the speech his wife just gave him, nodded.
This train journey from Amsterdam – Maastricht, was going to be a long one.
Hmm hmm, anything else I did wrong?” he responded with a calm voice.
Yes! You did..”, the woman suddenly stopped talking and stared at her daughter. She looked at her mother with big eyes.
Can I have my toooooooy?”
How could she refuse this?

Well, what about give your child a sleeping pill before you get on the train? Because even with her toy she couldn’t shut up. The were two things which were extremely annoying;
1) She had a high voice, which only little girls can have. If you have a little sister, you what I’m talking about. If you’re a girl; you know how to use it.
2) Apparently, her mother was American, her father was Dutch. Now, I don’t have anything against Americans, in general, but there are some aspects which I, in general, don’t like. Lets start with the accent. The high, hysterical “
OH MY GOD transformed the last couple of years to a very low “Oh. My. God. If you want to make it more dramatic, you cram “Fucking between My. and God.

But maybe the worst thing of all; she had a younger brother.

I’ve no experiences with younger brothers, only with an elder one and they only become more useful as they got older. Although I can say something about it from my observations. I came up with a hypothesis:Younger brothers like to scream louder than their older sister, because than they think they can gain more respect from their sister.

I thought of sending the NS an email with the idea of a ‘Children Coupé”, where parents with their dearly beloved toddlers could sit and nobody would be bothered. It would be a perfect for this family, because what a nice family it was; they must be so happy together. And it got better. The boy got hungry:

Ooh you’re hungry? You want some crisps?”said the father. Of course, men like crisps, not chocolate. “Honeeeeeey, do you still have that bag of Bugles?”
The woman opened her bag and opened the Bugles:
Here smell this”
, she sniffed, “can you smell all those chemicals?!”
YES I could smell all those chemicals! That horrible Nacho Cheese smell, in combination with… the chips + mayonnaise (frietje met), which the woman in front of me was eating. Spontaneously, I didn’t feel like eating my peanut butter sandwich any more.

And even when you think, “this can’t get any worse”, a high voice behind you says: Should I read you a story dear? Yes, yes? You want to hear the story about Kitty, the Cat?”


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