Exam time

Another day at the library. I’m becoming a piece of furniture between the four high walls of the building at the Grote Looiersstraat. I’m here to prepare for my upcoming exam. The only physical exercise consists of walking up and down the stairs to print, drink coffee, get something to eat or to read.

I look at the screen or book in front of me, read, focus, reread, summarize and think about all those interesting topics. But then, mostly an hour or two later, I wonder: am I only studying to be sure I fill in the correct answers later on? Or am I investing time because I have some catching up to do? Everything I read is already been discussed in our tutorials and lectures. Preparing for an exam is only a repetition, a recapturing of every useful little piece of information.

Another day at the library. I’m usually motivated by the learning environment, the mostly focused students and the reassurance of relevant study books nearby. But I guess I spent enough time studying this week. I quickly concluded that there wasn’t a lot of studying to do anymore – at least not here at the library. A glance at my notes now and then, some talk about the relevant topics and that should be sufficient for a positive result.

One day to go. The last chance to really get into the material and make sure I’ll give the right answers tomorrow. At home I started studying again, but again wondered about my motives. There are better things to do. Creativity is to be employed. Let’s make something out of the time that’s left today. Putting thoughts to action, I had dinner with a friend, talked to my mom, played some guitar and watched a movie, The Iron Lady. I’ll take my time to cook something delicious tonight and maybe watch another movie or take a walk in hopefully the last snowfall of the first half of 2013. As a pre-exam reward.