The Great Day of Travel

What do you need to achieve such a great day? Well, dear students, there are a few necessary tools. Let me enlighten you. The most important element, which made my travel rumble, was…the amazing daily travel ticket!! Thank you Kruidvat store, for giving me the opportunity to visit 3 cities in 1 day!

Get these tickets, grab a friend (or more), and go. I took my best friend with me, and at the end of January we got in a train, and left. These tickets are usually sold at stores such as Kruidvat or Blokker, but the trick is that they only sell them once in every few months. The good part is that you get to choose a whole day of the upcoming weekends and travel wherever you want in The Netherlands. If you want them you definitely need to be quick and keep your eyes wide open. You will definitely become ‘a hunter’ of these tickets. Luckily, I got them as a gift. HAH!

Maria (my besty) and I decided to see 3 cities in 1 day. So we made the perfect schedule, wrote it down on paper- time, train stations, buses, where we eat and other similar stuff- and surprisingly we followed it till the end. Guys, it was a blast!

First city, Utrecht, greeted us with an unexpected serving of snow. We enjoyed it to the fullest, since it was probably the last one around here in this winter. In Utrecht we visited two of our friends (also from Romania), who are currently studying Media and enjoying the student life. These two girls were late, as usual, so I went with Maria to explore the city center on our own. Remember, we had to respect a schedule. We passed by a flower market, filled with fresh and colorful tulips. At one point, I heard a man shouting from his flower booth. To be honest, I have no idea what he was saying, since Dutch language and I are not much of good friends, but, judging by the fact that he was holding some tulips in his hand, I guess he was attracting clients; or at least trying to. This man instantly reminded me of home, and how our flower ladies make noise in the market, competing with all their best for a higher number of sells at the end of the day: “Oh hey beautiful girl, do you need some flowers for your teacher? I happen to have the most fresh and beautiful bouquet from the whole market! And it comes with a special price, just for you. Cuz’ you’re cute”. Ah, fun times!

Next, we visited the Dom Tower in Utrecht, which is apparently the highest church tower in the Netherlands! What can I say, I am a sucker for churches. Here, we found out that the tower belonged to St. Martin’s Cathedral (Middle Ages style), being one of the country’s two pre-Reformation cathedrals. Furthermore, we discovered that the tower firstly survived a heavy tornado in 1674, and, as if this wasn’t enough, a storm damage in 1836. For further info, get a travel ticket!

At 15:30, sorry Utrecht but we need to bounce! We had a train to catch to Den Haag, the seaside was calling us. From the train station, we had to take the tram to get to the sea. Thus, we had half an hour of sightseeing, gazing through the windows. We passed through a neighborhood of some enormous houses, villas, and we already began to picture ourselves living there. Imagine us leaving from snowy Utrecht, to the seaside. Luckily, the snow stopped, but I have to admit that I was a bit nervous, picturing a freezing atmosphere, and a deserted beach. Actually, we got there just when the sun was setting in. I was speechless, the view was amazing. People were all over the beach, couples, having a romantic walk, families, and kids uplifting kites as high as possible.

Finally, we arrived in Amsterdam, where we reunited with our friends from Utrecht. We had a short walk around the center, visited some stores with crazy colored t-shirts, but we immediately got “Lost in Amsterdam”.

We got in Maastricht late in the night, barely keeping our eyes open. It’s no use to get into such details because I can guarantee that it was worth it all the way. It was definitely the perfect idea to take a break from the usual and go away, somewhere new. Utrecht, interesting tower you got there, see you soon. Den Haag, you made me fall in love with you, I’m actually thinking of making you my next home! And Amsterdam…well, Amsterdam! Maria and I have a poster with some wise words, and at some point it says: “Life. It won’t come to you. You have to chase it down […] Get lost together. Because that’s where you’ll find life.” I advise you to do the same!


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