Letting Go of Sterling

I have never been a frugal person, as much as I would love to be, I’m just not.  I have this habit of having no money, saving up, realising that I actually have quite a lot of money, spending it without keeping track and then discovering that I don’t have any left.  Every time this happens I’m left with an overbearing sense of guilt.  I’m hurting no one but myself by being so financially irresponsible and maybe that’s just it.  My recommended Amazon purchases are a testament to my ridiculous  behaviour; anyone for a rope ladder? Peppermint candle? 400 glow in the dark plastic stars? I thought not.  You’re probably all far too sensible for any of that.

Anyway, recently I found myself in such a situation.  Since I previously spent all my life in the UK, I have a number of bank accounts which are split between euros and sterling.  It makes things complicated, more so than just having a couple of bank accounts spread across a couple of countries.  I’m not exactly moaning about not being part of the single currency, but it would be nice not to feel a need to keep an ear open about the current exchange rate.  It’s not really something I have a natural interest in.

This got me thinking.  With regards to currency, the tables have turned.  I live in euros, and sterling have become my holiday currency.  Whilst I would be so much happier if I knew I had a little to fall back on in my UK account, the reality is, it’s not money I need right now.  You don’t need to have foreign currency stashed away if you’re not about to go on holiday; maybe this is a perspective I should adopt.  I know a part of me is trying to sooth my conscience and justify my financial irresponsibility, and I should probably grow up and start seriously thinking about investing in the FTSE 100 or something (not that that’s an option…) but I should get this into perspective.  Sterling is not my currency anymore.

Seeing as that is the case, I should probably stop spending it too.  I’m on the brink of cutting up my debit card.  I know that seems drastic, but if I’m going to have any money to spend if I need to pop home, then maybe it’s a good idea.  Additionally, it really would stop me from making online purchases, Christmas got a little out of control this year.  I blame that on the shoddy postal service that made me re-purchase 3 separate gifts in a panic buying frenzy.

Perhaps it’s time to realize, that as much as I love sterling, I need to let it go.  Either that or I just need to stop spending it.

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