Introduction: Silvana

Hello everybody!

My name is Silvana (21), and I am a third year student at Fasos, Arts and Culture. I come from one of the loveliest cities in Romania, called Sibiu, a place filled with beautiful, unique people, whom I miss each day. What brought me to Maastricht? Well, I moved here with my entire family, for almost 3 years already, because we heard that the West is better than the rest, so we wanted to explore it with our own eyes and see if that’s true. Just kidding! Actually I am here mainly for studies, but of course, there is much more to it. For me, having the chance to study in Maastricht represents the key that opened many doors along these years, and it still does. Even though the transition period was kind of hard and sad, Maastricht got under my skin pretty easily and unexpectedly. I guess it does that often. Studying here, I got the chance to meet interesting people, with different cultural backgrounds that somehow led me realize how big this world actually is; if I would have stayed in Romania, who knows…I would probably still think that everybody is like us, Romanians.

I mostly like writing, drawing, singing, dancing, travelling, and being around people who truly count and make my life spicy. All in all, Maastricht taught me how to dance in the rain- both literally and figuratively speaking- therefore, I would enjoy writing about it, as much as I hope you will enjoy reading about it!

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