First Impression of Maastricht

I arrived in Maastricht on a cold January morning. I had been told that I would be picked up in the Brussels airport by a student, and I would immediately be meeting the other study abroad students in the CES (Center for European Studies) program at Maastricht. After a decently uneventful day where we were driven home to the Guesthouse and given time to unpack and take a tour of the nearby shopping center, all of us decided to go out to dinner in the city. Off we go, some of us pretending we had some idea where we were going while the rest of us just followed along, enjoying the walk. Maastricht was covered in snow and ice, and I enjoyed the chill as we walked around Vrijthof Square along the cobblestone streets. My favorite part of that walk was the lights. The picture I took does not capture the beauty of the rainbow lights that were shining on the old Maastricht buildings. It was cute, gave the town more character, and really made me stop and appreciate that I actually had moved to a new world.

Finally we found ourselves in a restaurant that looked big enough to hold all twelve of us: an Italian restaurant. All of us ordered pizza. Maybe I was not too far from home after all. 😛


About the author:

My name is Michelle and I am a 20 year old from Chicago. I am here in Maastricht for one semester following the Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe program. At my home school, Case Western Reserve University, I study biology and cognitive science, and I am so excited for this whole experience!

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