Christmas in North-America

Well yeah, I was slightly surprised when last week suddenly everything here was decorated in Christmas style. Light chains were put on trees, the stairway on Mont-Royal is decorated with Christmas tree decoration and in malls they play Christmas music. And when it started last week, it wasn’t even the last week of November. So yeah, it was a little weird.

Usually I don’t have any difficulties with getting into the ”Christmas mood’. I love to figure out which presents I’m going to buy for who and at what time on which (Christmas)day I have to go to which family member (divorced parents and in-laws + family make the whole thing a bit more complicated). But since I won’t be occupied with those things this year, it’s a little harder to get into it.

Furthermore, back home there is no Christmas decoration before “Sinterklaas”, which is at December 5th/6th, so before that day no one comes up with the idea to decorate something Christmassy. So practically, the North-Americans are two weeks early. That might be another reason that the early decorating is weird to me.

However, the weirdest thing of the whole early-Christmas thingy here is that it just feels like I’m in a movie, an American Christmas movie. Everything here reminds me of “Home Alone: Lost in New York”. It is THE ultimate movie-Christmas-feeling and that’s how it feels when I walk around here. It’s so unreal because the only time I experience something ‘similar’ is when I’m watching Christmas movies; the huge malls with Christmas music, people standing at store entrances ringing bells, everything is decorated with lights, freezing cold and snow (sort of) and sooo much people on the streets. It is.. Special..

Anyhow.. It totally hit me today, when I came out of the metro and there were people actually singing “Mon beau sapin”.. My dear North-Americans, although I love the whole Christmas fuss, it is still NOVEMBER, and it is too early to start Christmassing! Or am I just too European..?