Maastricht: a diamond in the rough

How would you describe Maastricht when you have to explain what it is all about? Well, here’s my view on it. It’s a city that does not feel like a city. It has that big village feel, with the cosy atmosphere in which it comes across like everybody knows everybody.

It’s quiet, yet there’s always something going on. The best hidden gems can be found on any given time, yet you have to know where to look.

It’s international, yet not so international. The Dutch and the Germans dominate this melting pot of ethnicities. However, it doesn’t matter where you come from, there will always be a person from a very similar culture strolling around the city.

Being and speaking Dutch is not the most important characteristic. The local dialect and culture are the cornerstones on which this town is built. It shows the unique character that Maastricht likes to put on itself.

It’s as Burgundian as it gets in the Netherlands, from the little bars during night-life to the well-hidden Michelin-starred restaurants.

It has that instant ‘I’m at home’ feel when you walk through the cobblestone alleys or the green fields surrounding the city.

It’s an old city based on traditions and cultural values. Something that is often hated by the youth, yet embraced on other occasions. It’s a city of contradictions; ambitious on one side, reluctant to change on the other.

It’s this interplay of dynamics that makes this city what it is; a diamond in the rough.



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