Food Issues and POUTINE

Yes, finally we get there: food issues. Before I start, I want to say that you have to try every single food (except for “broodje kroket”) mentioned in this blog if you have the possibility to do so!

So, here we go: I never ever understood the people, who, after a two-week holiday in Spain, almost cried that they wanted a “frikandel speciaal” so badly, or that they would die if they wouldn’t be able to consume a “broodje kroket” within the next two days. Seriously people, what is your problem? Isn’t holiday slightly supposed to about experiencing another culture or country, including its food? And to be honest, that’s still my opinion. I used this story to start my blog, but what I actually want to say, is that I come to realize that I miss to have the possibility to have certain ‘dishes’ or snacks from home.. But I mean, I’ve been here for two months already, I’m allowed to start missing certain delights from home.

Last week, we had a gathering with some people and five of us were Dutch (actually I’m German, but I think, often I can be considered as a Dutch person. In this context I definitely can). While we were stuffing our faces with chips (American chips, not British), we started reminiscing about Dutch food. Like now, in the Netherlands, it’s the time of the “pepernoten” and I like them (who doesn’t?!). My favorites though, are the “truffelpepernoten” and every year I look forward to buy way too many of them. Just to eat so much of them that my body is able to survive another nine months without them, until they appear back on the supermarket shelves next September 🙂

We kept talking about sweet stuff and of course the subject of “stroopwafels” came up as well. I wouldn’t say I’m craving for stroopwafels, but I would definitely be happy to hold them in my hand, sink my teeth in it and feel the slighty crispy waffle break and then get to the soft, caramelly/honey/stroop part. Oh yeah.. And while we were still talking about sweet stuff, we got to the “speculaas”. Some said that they had seen speculaas up here, but I haven’t yet. Speculaas is always available, but it’s more common in winter time and it’s actually sooo good!

Last but not least, we expressed our sadness about the lack of good cheese here. I mean, come on, Dutchland = cheeseland! They have good cheese here, but it’s so expensive that you would have to live on one 100 g piece of cheese for a week. I’m exaggerating, it’s not that bad, but like $11 (+ taxes) for a teeny tiny piece of Gouda? No way! Although I think I won’t be able to resist much longer and soon I will buy some. It’s just too hard.

I thought we had covered pretty much everything we would like to have here some time, but then it hit me: a photo on facebook of a “Döner Kebab”? From Germany? Soaked in garlic sauce? When I saw that, a part of me died. Right now, I would commit a murder for THAT  Döner! I can just taste it. And there is no other place in the world than Germany where you can get so incredibly good Döners. Not even Turkey itself, and I know what I’m talking about.

Since I still have at least another two months to deal with the pain in my heart of missing the foodstuff, I will have to try my best to be able to actually cope with the loss. I started with begging my Dad  to put some stroopwafels into a parcel with my running shoes. When he said “that were the heaviest shoes ever ;)”, my heart jumped of joy! Stroopwafels are on their way to Canada! The next delivery of “soul” food will arrive in December; truffelpepernoten. In meanwhile,  I have to try to not think about it too much. But to be honest, it’s not too hard. And do you want to know why? The answer is simple: POUTINE!

Although not every non-Canadian agrees with me on that, but poutine makes up for all the food I have to miss from back home. Poutine is like chocolate for heartaches and like aspirin after a night or weekend with too much alcohol. I fell so madly in love with poutine, it’s crazy. How gross it may sound, it is A-MA-ZING. Fries soaked in gravy and with cheese on them? Seriously, this is one of the things you could wake me up for in the middle of the night. And if it’s too boring, anything can be added on it: vegetables, bacon, sausages, beef and so on.

But to be honest, there’s nothing that can beat a fatty, greasy, classically, original POUTINE. And if there’s one ‘foody’ thing that I’m ever going to miss.. It is definitely poutine!

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