Exchange life: Recovery phase in Montréal!

Tomorrow it’s two weeks I’m in Montréal and I’m loving it! Finally!
As I announced in my last blog, I was expecting a depressed phase. And yes, I’ve been through it. It just vanished when I moved 🙂 I was very happy to move, because I’ve totally had it with my couchsurfhostess, who kept talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking.

Secondly, it was almost a 20 minute walk to the metro station. At this very moment I have totally no idea why I had doubts to move, because the place where I’m now is soooo much better; It’s not even a 2-minute walk to the metro station, it’s in a street where you can find everything you need (literally everything) and the apartment owner doesn’t keep talking and talking and talking. Neither does my flatmate, who is a veeeery nice girl. And since I was looking for a place with at least two other people in it (preferrably students), I’m very happy now.

You might be interested in what else I’m doing here; studying. I have no idea how to cope with the workload, because it’s almost nothing. I’m not sure if I like the way they ‘uni’ here, but I think I might like the small amount of workload, especially compared to Maastricht. So if you need a break from the UM, go on exchange!

What else.. I play soccer! I trained a few times with the university varsity team, but the time commitment is huge (5 days soccer a week) and although I really liked it, it’s too much for a 4 month exchange. So I subscribed for leisure soccer, which is fun, but somehow I’m always in the losing team.

I’ve been doing some sightseeing and I try to visit free or very very cheap things, like film festivals or $-parties, because everything that has to do with eating or drinking is ridiculously expensive. Pancake mix for $8,49? A pint will cost you at least $7 (incl. tip and taxes), and in the cheapest store they have juice-advertisements for two 1l-packs for $3, and so on. So if you feel sorry for me, feel free to ask for my bank account number so you can send me some money :’).

Especially since I’ve planned some trips to which I’m really looking forward; at the end of september we’re going to make a 3-day Toronto Trip (incl. Niagara falls), and the weekend before we’re trying to arrange a whale watching tour and a weekend to Québec-City. My apartment owner wants to take me up to the north with his seaplane to see bears, wolves, moose and a lot of other animals. So I’m definitely not going to be bored!

Well, I’m going to make some dinner and afterwards have another soccer game. And in case some friends or family are reading this: Don’t call me on my dutch number!! I can’t see who’s calling me (thank you Canadian network!) and it’s waaaaay to expensive (€2,- a minute ;)). Ask for my canadian number instead!

Au revoir mes chéries!

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  1. Klausi
    Klausi says:

    Hi Jennilein, ^_^

    irgendwie habe ich deine Nachrichten und deinen Blog – danke, dass du in Englisch schreibst 🙂 – etwas spät mitgekriegt (länger nicht bei FB gewesen), aber ich nehme jetzt regen Anteil daran. 😀

    Aber ehrlich gesagt, viel lieber als nur im Geiste wäre ich wirklich bei dir ^_^, vor allem, wenn du die großartige Natur bestaunen darfst.

    Ich wünsche dir ne schöne Zeit.

    Liebe Grüße

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