Montreal: the best is yet to come

FINALLY I’m able to write something about my first days in Montréal! It’s not that I haven’t had any time to do so, but when I had the time, I was so exhausted that I could do nothing but sleep. My biological clock doesn’t seem to have set itself jet, sounds pretty much like a jetlag :’) Well yeah..

My journey to Montreal wasn’t that spectaculair, except for saying goodbye (which was anything but fun) and the landing on Chicago. The plane fell a few meters, honestly just a few, making it feel like the last ups and downs on the Goliath (roller coaster Walibi World). The shaking afterwards made my airplane-food almost come back again. So I was happy when we had landed and I could spend the coming 2 hours waiting in the line for passport control with a bunch of smelly Indian people..

Even more happy was I, when we landed a few hours later in Montréal; FINALLY ARRIVED! I was really lucky that I didn’t have to care about public transport and stuff at that moment, since my ‘hostess’ (no idea what the right word would be) came to pick me up. The happiest moment though, was the very moment I could lay down in my bed and close my eyes to s.l.e.e.p.

Next morning, my not-yet-set biological clock woke me up at 8:30 A.M., just like yesterday (7:30) and today (6:56). Fortunately, my not-yet-set biological clock knocked me down at let’s say 8:30 P.M. every night, (but I managed to keep my eyes open a few hours longer), and I would be able to get enough sleep if it wouldn’t wake me up that early.. :’)

So far.. What I did here was visiting the old town (le vieux port), buying a canadian mobile number, playing soccer (which killed me) and today we’ve met up with 2 fellow students from Maastricht who are here as well, and we attended an information meeting for international student. Not funny. At all. We both totally panicked about all the shit we still have to do, and nothing but a drink afterwards could calm us back down. To continue calming down, we are going to have dinner together in about an hour. Those are the better perspectives.. 🙂 And as I’m probably getting in the “depressed phase” soon, I keep telling myself that the best is yet to come..

Au revoir!

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