Exchange life: Ready to goooo! (or not?)

Bonjour everyone!

This is my first post and I have noooo idea how to start. Maybe I should do so with introducing myself and telling why I’m going to bother you with my spectacular stories :).

Well I’m Jenny, 22 years old and I’m going to study abroad: Montréal, Québec, Canada to be more specific. I’m sure my brain will be way too busy to remember everything that I will see, do and experience at the other site of the Atlantic, so this is a good opportunity to  not forget things and tell the people who don’t come to visit me what they’re missing out on!

In exactly a month (after I hopefully have dried my tears from saying goodbye) I will be on the airplane on my way to Chicago, where I’m going to switch planes and continue my journey to Montréal. It causes me to have mood swings like I’m pregnant. One moment I can’t wait to go: to see the beauty Canada has got, travel around, to meet people who are probably going to make my abroad experience an unforgettable one and to freeze my ass off. On the other side, it’s so unreal, just a month to go, still haven’t arranged an accomodation and I can’t stop thinking about my last days here (which I probably shouldn’t do because I hate saying goodbye and just thinking of it makes me not wanting to go). But since practically everything else is arranged yet, I have to go and there is noooo way back.

I don’t think I mind though 🙂

I’m going to figure out how to submit this post.. See yaaa!