The fabulous world of the rich and famous: TEFAF 2012

The 25th edition of the annual TEFAF art and antiques fair has just ended, marking the silver jubilee of one of the world’s most prestigious events in the field.

Did you wonder why the air traffic above the lovely city of Maastricht had suddenly increased over the past week? TEFAF is the answer.

According to De Ster (yes that free newspaper colonizing your mail box every week), the tiny Maastricht-Aachen airport has been invaded by over 200 private jets, delivering a load of rich and famous potential art buyers.

From the skies to the ground, Maastricht did undergo quite a change during the past TEFAF week: groups of elderly tourists accompanied by willing tour guides were happily spotted walking across the city centre, bars and restaurants were full, probably also due to the beautiful springtime, and a series of events ranging from dance, theatrical performances and exhibitions were offered as part of the During TEFAF Festival.

No place for students…unless you are from European Studies

Probably most of us students did not even consider paying a visit to the exhibition at MECC, and how to blame you, the entrance fee was 55 euros, equal to the money an average student spends in a week (to be generous).

However, if in the future you have the chance to sneak into TEFAF, and you are an art lover, you will not be disappointed as long as you consider the experience the same as a visit to an art gallery or a museum. Of course the items on display are for sale, but I am sure none of us will ever come close to earning a salary that would allow you to even start considering such a purchase.

Let’s leave the business to the world’s rich and just enjoy art for art’s sake.

Picasso, Klimt, Schiele, Fontana and all masters of art and design will be there to welcome you, without distinction of class, race or gender.

Oh, and maybe you are lucky enough to cross paths with Queen Beatrix too at the next edition of TEFAF. Better than nothing, no?











Look who came to say hello: Queen Beatrix visiting the 25th edition of TEFAF



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