Money matters: how to make it to the end of the month (pt.1),

The end of the month; a moment of terror for most students. Those who get study-finance know that around the 20th the bank-account will run dry. They will have to force themselves in social isolation. No more going out to bars. No more eating out. The diet will drastically change from consuming a-brands from Albert Heijn and Jumbo (yes most students live like they are middle-class employers), to eating Euroshopper products or shopping at Aldi (although their quality is good enough to shop there throughout the year as well). No more vedgies and rich dishes, but bread and soup, plain pasta & rice or simple eggs for dinner. We students have a very tough life. Uuuh… Don’t make me laugh.

There are a ton of ways to make enough money to get to the end of the month comfortably. These methods account for every student; the Dutch, the German, the Chinese or whatever special exotic nationality you may have.

Every now and then I will post some tips that will help you generate cash inflow. This edition: Become a guinea pig for the university and become rich (sort of).

Part1. Experimental testing for money

This university focuses a lot on research and therefore a lot of experiments are performed at different faculties. If these experiments wish to have any significant value to science, they need to be performed on a lot of subjects. Because not a lot of students are stupid enough to do these experiments for free, most experiments offer something for those who participate in them. Most of the experiments give you cash or VVV-coupons (these are vouchers you can use at a bunch of stores in the Netherlands). Most of the experiments will pay you around 7,50 euro – 10,00 euro per hour.

Considering most of the experiments require the Intellectual level of a hedgehog it is pretty easy money. The psychological tests mainly involve concentration or memory tasks. The Health sciences tasks are a bit more complicated and vary more. They can include medicine testing or the testing of a specific diet as well as physical fitness tests. If you are Dutch you are lucky; they build a website where researchers can place the ads and you can select them via a couple of clicks. Go to and have fun. The English speakers amongst us actually have to go to the faculty at Randwijck to search for studies. The ads can be found throughout the buildings on nice paper-sheets.

The SBE faculty takes care of business a tat better. They offer an English site with all their tests. At this moment however, they are apparently still on holidays because there are no experiments.

I recommend you to contact your own faculty to see whether they offer experiments as well. You will do your wallet and the university a big favor. I don’t have any information regarding other faculties, so If you know it please submit in the comments.

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