Trip to Dublin: personal battle with Karma

An advantage of living in Europe is the fact that you can travel to a lot of big cities within a few hours. Last week I had to go to Dublin for a conference for ESN. Eindhoven airport has direct flights to Dublin via Ryanair and having Eindhoven only at an hour away, makes a trip to Dublin easy peasy. One disadvantage: Karma doesn’t always like me that much.

While riding towards the trainstation i got a flat tire, followed by my bag of groceries getting ripped.

karma: ‘let’s see how much effort you will put into catching this train’.
Joep: ‘challenge accepted’

Luckily I left pretty early and I just made the train I was supposed to be on. When I arrived at Eindhoven, I only had to take a bus that takes about 20 minutes. I got in the bus, flashed my public transport card at the reader and nothing happened.

karma: ‘have fun at the line of 10 confused people who don’t know anything about modern stuff such as the OV-chipcard’.
Joep: ‘aaaaaah come on. Standing in the cue at a grocery store even causes some people to screw up. Paying with their debit-card is even too hard for them, because they can’t figure out how the extremely easy machine works. Seeing them fussing around with an OV-chipcard is just hell.’

I had to take everything out again and go to a service point. I received the news that it was broke, even though physically nothing was wrong with it. I had to buy a new anonymous card, without discount and file for a new card. I was in a hurry, so I decided not to make a big deal out of the fact that I normally travel for free. With my new card I proceeded to the bus with about half an hour delay. Because I always plan unforeseen retarded events, I still had some time to board my flight. In about an hour, I was standing on Dublin international airport.

Joep: ‘In Yo face Karma’
Karma: ‘You win this battle, but the war is far from over.’

It was smooth sailing afterwards. The hostel there had a special bus picking us up and we joined some other ESN’ers at a bar later that night. The next three days passed pretty quickly, the meeting was a succes and on Sunday me and a fellow board member where queuing up at the gate for our return flight to Eindhoven again. After take-off I fell asleep and got woken up by our pilot stating an announcement. Eindhoven airport was closed due to heavy fog and we were diverted to Brussels Charleroy. It;s about 40 km’s south of Brussels and it takes about 2 hours to get to Eindhoven from there.

Karma: ‘What you got now, boy.’
Joep: ‘Well played Karma, Well played…’

I decided that I would accept it, cause asking the pilot to simply drop me off over London so I could get a flight to Amsterdam, wasn’t real solid option.  After about 10 minutes our attention was requested by the pilot another time. Chareleroi was completely full due to the diverted airplanes. He followed with the statement that we would be diverted to another airport: freaking Maastricht. At that moment I put my hands up in the air and kind of made it pretty obvious to the other passengers that I was very pleased with this turn-out. Not everybody agreed, but I didn’t care about that at the moment.

Joep: ‘Jow Karma, what up? Why the sudden change?’
Karma: ‘My period is over..’

After waiting about 10 minutes for the bus to arrive, I was home about 45 minutes after landing. I was even home earlier then I would have been when I landed at Eindhoven. My suggestion to Ryanair: step up the direct flight from Maastricht to other destinations. You would make a lot of students here very happy.

update: I guess karma has an irregular period, cause after arrival I managed to loose my newly bought Swatch and my phone charger in my own place after just 1 day of purchase. I haven’t fount them until this moment yet. Maybe it’s time to change my life..