The other side of Amsterdam

Exam week is finally over and so ist he first week of the new period.  So far I can´t really say that I care for the topic, so I don´t feel like writing about it.

But I can report with pride, that I fulfilled one of the things on my list. On this list I posted a couple of months back, I named a couple of things I really want to do before I finish with my bachelor. One of them was to go to Amsterdam to see the koncertgebouw orkest. Since my father had to be in Amsterdam on business I took the train up there and we had two lovely days in Amsterdam.
Since I study here I visited Amsterdam 3 times, well actually only 2 since the third time I just went to Schiphol to fly to Madrid. Those two times I went with fellow students. We slept in stinky gross Hostels above pubs and spend our time doing ´touristy` stuff in the old part of the city and the red light district. I always enjoyed that kind of Amsterdam – experience but this was pleasantly different. Sleeping in a Hotel were you get picked up from the train station and the bus driver takes youre luggage for you, don´t have to sleep fully dressed have as less contact as possible with the sheets, taking a stroll through Amsterdam and not snacking in the supermarket but sitting down in a nice café, drinking coffee and eating yummy appeltaart, and in the next morning: the breakfast buffet!!
Nothing tops a really good breakfast buffet, I could spend hours there.
But the topper of course was A) this was my first stay in Amsterdam were it didn´t rain – so beautiful weather, and B) my visit in the koncertgebouw.
My dad and I arrived early to pick up our tickets and then sat down in the café of the house to eat dinner, which was really good.
We arrived in the Hotel around half past one, I was exhausted, but it was worth it! The building itself is already worth buying a ticket (assuming you buy the cheapest tickets, as the more expensive ones are unaffordable) inside the names of famous composers are written on the wall in gold and on the all around the room you can see French horns painted on the ceiling – that’s right French horns. The instrument I play, because it is awesome, and apparently the decorator of the koncertgebouw thinks so too.
Our seats were, let´s say interesting. As we bought the cheapest tickets we sat in the very first row, wich ment we jad to look up to the orchestra, and we only had a limited view of the orchestra. This ment on the one hand that I had a pretty stiff neck by the end of the concert, but on the other hand that we practically sat next to the conductor and could see his every move and mimic.  It was fascinating, the whole experience and especially of course the music. This orchestra really can play !

I´m not gonna bore you with my attempts to describe their skill, I´ll just leave by that:

I can cross one point of my list with a big fat smile! Thanks dad!