The unpleasant saturday morning surprise

Saturday morning, sun is shining out of the window. Woke up late but I still feel I need more sleep…better stand up and do some work, but before that gotta move the car. It’s been parked in the same place for two weeks, got no parking permit because the car has a foreign registration and is not in my name so I don’t qualify for one. I am learning to play the dodge-the-parking-ticket game of Maastricht, not out of my own choice but for necessity. So I have to park out of the center zone and move the car from time to time. What did I find out this morning? That a local resident with a HUGE sense of humor stuck a dog’s sh** under the car door’s handle, to show his/her infinite despisal of a) a foreigner, b) a student, c) anyone else who does not live in the neighbourhood. How can you feel when you discover something like this happened to you? Powerless and all of a sudden you realise how it feels to be considered a foreigner, a stranger, an outsider, things you must have thought of other people in your country too. Maybe it was just a stupid joke of some drunken kids last night, but I am not inclined to think so. It is no secret that the people of Maastricht don’t particularly like foreigners and students roaming around town. I thought the Netherlands is a tollerant and open minded country and, although one single bad experience should not be enough to change your mind it surely is to make you question your ideas. I wonder if you too have some similar episode to share…

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