The Ultimate Guide to Dutch Style

So you are living in the Netherlands? Want to fit in/be cool etc etc? Well this is exactly what you need. The clear, essential and user-friendly: Ultimate Guide to Dutch Style.

The ‘Kakker’  (posh kids, well turned out)




Knee High Leather boots or plimsols


White long-sleeved

Red leather laptop

Long natural (not dyed, maybe a

Hockey Stick MandatoryBoys


Brown leather formal shoes/all stars

Jeans with biggish brown belt

Striped shirt, unbuttoned a little (tucked into jeans?)

Brown leather bag (or hockey bag) and big watch

Long hair ‘Dutch style’ (ie. Too much gel, and flipped over to one side)

Hockey Stick Mandatory (possibly golfing gear too)





Sjonnys or ‘New Kids’ (chav-ish)



Black Shiny Nicholson Jacket (with furryhood)



Lots of bling



Black or White Shiny Nicholson Jacket (fur optional)

‘Pimp’ Jeans


Big trainers




Field notes for non-Dutchies:

Many Dutch people find the following things undesirable:

– Make-up on girls (or guys!)

– High-Waisted Skirts

– Bouffant/Bee-hive hair on girls


and the following desirable:

– Simple jeans and t-shirt

– leather jackets on girls

– 1950s-style college sweaters (think American sororities/’Grease’)

– Hair gel for guys

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  1. Simone
    Simone says:

    I would like to add:

    Dutch people don’t like noise on the streets after 11 pm.
    Don’t appreciate it if you keep your neighbours awake by making a lot of noise and screaming in your apartment at night.
    Don’t like students smoking weed in the streets, only inside coffeeshops.
    Then maybe the inhabitants of Maastricht will welcome you warmly next time.

    • George
      George says:

      What a stupid comment from Simone. What exactly does this have to do with anything? There is no mention of not being warmly welcomed – this is just a vaguely humourous piece about Dutch fashion!

      Oh, I get it it’s just a typically passive aggressive Dutch response to any criticism (no matter how slight or playful) of the gilded Dutch wonderland!!!!

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