Liège and a family day

What a weird time of year it is – I hardly ever have a whole week at the university because there´s always some reason to start the weekend early. Last week I had Friday of – actually because we were supposed to use the time to write on a paper, but my boyfriend and I had our 4 year anniversary. He picked me up after my lesson and we drove to Liège, which is about a forty minute drive from Maastricht. This city is both REALLY pretty and REALLY ugly. We spend almost an hour at the main train station which is just awesome! The sun was shining what really enhanced the building with all the glass and the light effects. We took a lot of pictures and just sat there looking at the trains and people coming in and out.

The way from the train station to the old part of the inner city is lined with a bunch of buildings that perhaps were modern when I was 2, not very good looking.

But the inner city is very nice with a lot of churches and beautiful shops. All in all we had 2 great days there and left the city well rested.

On Saturday I had to get up real early because I had to be at the University at 8 a.m.
Surprisingly enough I got up and ready in time and even managed to have some breakfast but then I couldn´t find my keys – ooh why does this always have to happen????
Well, I arrived at 8.15. My studievereniging SV Helix organizes a family day every year, were first year students can bring along their family and we simulate a day at the university for them so they can see what we do here all day long. The families participate in a practical in the lab, they have a tutorial group to get to know the Maastricht’s PBL system (problem based learning) and they listen to a lecture. I helped organize this event (I didn’t play a major role in the organization though) and I was one of the students to lead a group around, play the role of the tutor and help whenever needed. It was really exhausting but a lot of fun – especially the practical in the lab. The students really enjoyed showing their skills to their family. A lot of parents came to us later on that day to thank us for the opportunity.
After that I went home and all I could think of was to sleep. We all got to take leftovers from the family day – something the Dutch consider “bread” but in Germany could only pass as hot dog bread, so my boyfriend and I had hot dogs for dinner.
So that was my week – we had a BBQ with some friends today, nothing more.
Haltet de Ohren steif!

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  1. Famke
    Famke says:

    I was lucky and had the most sweetenest (is dat een Engels woord om te zeggen dat ze heel lief was?) helper ever! 😀 My parents really liked the day so thanks Johanna!

  2. Johanna
    Johanna says:

    That´s so nice of you to say! I hope my dutch was acceptable – it was really fun seeing how impressed youre parents were in what youre doing.

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