Home sweet home

Thursday and Friday of – Yeah I can finally go home again! On Wednesday after a quite boring practical in the lab I took the bus to Aachen Maastricht airport and flew to Berlin. My mom and sister picked me up at the airport. I love coming back home – I get to see my family and friends and my beloved home city – Berlin is the best. I get to choose what we’re going to eat – so it’s all my favorite dishes during my stay. Last week Carmen, my roommate decided to visit me spontaneously. She took a ride from Aachen and I picked her up on Thursday morning. So what to do with a friend who has already been to Berlin? I couldn’t just please her with the touristy stuff because she’d already seen all of that. Luckily I live in Zehlendorf – a district hardly any tourist ever visits. So I could fill the first day showing her around my district – my school, my hockey club and the beautiful lakes…
On Saturday we went on a long tour through Kreuzberg.  We stayed in a park there for a long time ´cause we listened to some guys having a jam session. It was a lot of fun.

Both of us didn´t bring anything to work for the university so we could just hang out without having the feeling that we actually should do some work. I used to bring all my books and tuff for the university and schlepp them back to Maastricht without even taking them out of my suitcase – so now I don´t even give it a try anymore. Since I do that, my luggage has become a whole lot lighter.

On Sunday we went to see my sisters hockey game – they won (maybe I´m a lucky charm?). After that we had a BBQ at home and my brother also stopped by. He studies in berlin and lives in an apartment near the Ku´damm. After that Carmen, my boyfriend Jorrit and I piled all our stuff into his little car and we drove back to Maastricht. As much as I love coming home I hate driving back – don´t get me wrong, I´m not constantly home sick, sitting in my room counting the days till I get to go back, but I always find it hard to leave. Being in Berlin is great AND now it also means vacation for me, and Maastricht means work. But as soon as I´m back into my Maastricht life I don´t really mind.

Today my roommate came to know that she passed a really tricky resit – so this means celebratory Pizza and Germany’s next topmodel. We don´t get the TV channel so we always watch the latest episode online. So don´t anyone dare tell me whose been kicked out this week!
Gotta go now – Haltet die Ohren steif!