Dressing up and Amsterdam

So I went to this party on Tuesday – the theme was fairy tale so my roommate and I went as Genie and Princess Jasmine. My roommate painted on this cool beard and I think it fit me quite well. I went there alone by bike so that was fun riding through the city with a beard painted on…
The party was pretty cool and a lot of fun although there were less people than we had hoped. We always have free beer on our Helix parties, but only a limited amount, and because we anticipated more people the beer lasted the whole evening, so I didn´t have to spend a cent, which is my favorite way of partying. After the pub closed (something I really had to get used to when I first came here, Berlin never sleeps) we went on to a club. The standard of the club is obvious, as I entered it wearing blue close that didn´t match and, oh yeah – a beard!

The next day the whole year of my study had a programing class at 8:30 a.m. So that wasn´t fun. But I managed to survive this horrible bio-informatics- Tuesday always looking forward to Thursday. Thursday morning at 7 a.m. My two roommates and another friend of ours took the car to Amsterdam. We visited the BCF career event, an event for life science food and chemistry. I always find it very interesting and motivating to see what I might be doing after studying. We also visited a couple of company presentations and really enjoyed running around and collecting all the giveaways. After that we went to a Dutch frituur and ate French fries. We had booked a hostel because we wanted to use the next day for sightseeing. It was right next to the red light district – so in the middle of the city and it was also REALLY cheap.  A cheap hostel in the center of Amsterdam? Yep it was really gross as well. We dumped our stuff in there and then went out again right away to check out Amsterdam. I`ve been there twice already, so I kind of functioned as a tour guide. Amsterdam is a fun city and I think it’s really beautiful. After dinner we went to this pub and had a blast.  Around 12 a magician preformed in there and we we´re like: ‘oh no this is going to be embarrassing’- but it turned out to be really crazy – I´m still trying to figure out how he did that!
The night wasn´t that pleasant because we were in a 10 bed room and one guy snored so freakishly loud at one point in the night I thought he might die of it.
The next day we practically fled from that sticking hostel and went on a food hunt. We found a place that looked really nice and wasn´t all that expensive – first thing we did is go to the toilette – since no one did that in the hostel- and clean ourselves. After that, we enjoyed our amazing breakfast.

After going to the famous flower market we took a boot ride through the grachten of Amsterdam and then we went home. So all in all I had a pretty awesome week, and I even got a lot of work done in between. Now I have another day of work ahead of me, so I better get started now.
That was it folks – haltet die Ohren steif!