Life 2.0

Modern day life is being dominated by technology. In every household you’ll come across a variety of gadgets of which people 20 years ago merely dreamed off. Most people even cary a bunch of electrical stuff with them at all times. All of the BB’s, I phones and other smartphones let you get updated on the weather, your facebook or twitter, your agenda etc. etc.

I (thankfully) belong to the category of people who think that these machines make life easier and have a lot of advantages. For example, it makes communication that much easier. I praise the fact that I’m now able to answer emails etc. while I’m waiting for my bus or when I’m sitting in the train. It saves me valuable time, which I then can (and often will) destroy in another matter.

However it does have its bad sides. For example typing a blog while watching the Champions League causes an overload every time the narrator starts raising his voice when he gets excited. His job is to get people into the game, so this happens quite often. Another thing which isn’t a very positive aspect is the hyperactive reaching for the phones while amongst your friends. Be honest: how many times do you check your phone for messages, pings, mails, facebook updates or whatever while you are across your friends, watching a movie or being in a bar? While I have said that, I can turn the hypocrite mode off, because I do this a lot as well. I’m sorry whenever someone spots me doing it. It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s rather a compulsion I do subconsciously.

But, I’m going to try and change. I will go low-tech for the couple of weeks. Not that bad timing, because exams are coming up. So what does this downgrading entail. Well, for starters I will not watch TV during the day anymore. There’s absolutely nothing useful programmed at day-time television besides reruns and telemarketing junk for the extremely dumb naive  people. I will not check Facebook or whatever social platform while I’m supposed to be doing serious stuff. I will not compulsively check my phone anymore while I’m amongst my friends whenever it has got no serious use. I can’t think of anything else right now, so if you have other suggestions they are more than welcome.

Time to say goodbye to my full time life 2.0,while trading it for a part time one with a lot of free time as a result.

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